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I just updated our dA and finally renewed our membership! Sorry it took me so long to update.

By the way, I've updated our con schedule on the dA page- though I am in the works of also looking at a few other conventions we haven't been to before, so keep a look out!

And as always, if anyone has any stamps or icons, please let me know, and I'll add them to our page!


(BTW new page going up in a few minutes!)
Looks like someone made an Ask Axis account on dA! Here it is if you have any questions for him :)


Thanks for coming!

Come visit us in St. Louis this weekend for Bishie Con!

We will be doing two panels on Saturday, attending the guest brunch on Sunday, and selling Teahouse merchandise at our table in the Artist Alley on Saturday including things that are SOLD OUT online!


7:00 pm - Storytelling in Comics

11:00 pm - Teahouse Panel


Christmas cards
Special Editions
Necklaces and keychains
Trading cards
...and much more!
EDIT: The website should be fully operational within the next 24 hours- we made a clean break, switched servers, got everything all nice and set up again, we're just waiting for DNS to switch the domain over. :)

The Teahouse website is currently down. We are hoping it will go back up within 24 hours, we're having server issues again. Unfortunately our host is unwilling to work with us on how to fix the issue so we're trying to figure out what we can do to get it back up.

Within the past two days, we've been having some website issues-

Our site is being hosted on shared hosting, and apparently as of late we've been causing a heavy load on the server and taking up too much bandwidth, so our hosting service suspends us in order to reduce the over all load.

Now on one hand, this isn't a horrible problem to have! Thank you guys so much for your readership! On the other hand, this means we'll be moving over to a new server in order to prevent this issue and to allow for us having enough bandwidth!

Please bear with us in the next few days, we're working on getting the site back up and running smoothly!

-E & CC


Oh my God, browsing dA I find all kinds of treasures! Like.. a Teahouse Cosplay group!


AND a Linneus group too!


If you guys see any other Teahouse groups let us know, I'm collecting them now on the front page of our dA!

We have another fanclub!!!


And don't forget to visit our other fanclub too!


Saturday Oct 22
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm in Salon H

Sneak peeks, comic tips, demonstrations, Q & A and a raffle!

We'll be doing a panel at Fanime on Monday from 1 pm to 2 pm called Storytelling in Comics. We'll probably do a Q & A afterwards too :)

We will be in panel room #3 from 1 - 2 pm on Monday!

We'll be at table T188 in the Artist Alley!


Ever wanted to ask Axis a question? Try it out, and your question may end up in Chapter Two's Special Edition, along with Axis' answer!

Send questions to with the subject "Ask Axis"

Include your name/alias (whatever you'd like to be credited as)
Age (please don't send any in if you are underage! Remember, this is an 18+ comic!)
and your question of course!

Not every question will make it in, so make it good!

We will be at Sakura-con this weekend guys!

Please come by and say hi, check out our merch, etc etc! This is only the second con Teahouse has ever been to, and CC and I are VERY excited. We will be selling:

- 12 new charms
- 3 new prints
- new metal necklaces and keychains
- stickers
- post its
- Chapter 1 book
- original art
- and of course all the old prints and stuff you've seen in our store!

We'll be in the Dealer's Hall next to our Axis and Rhys banners. We're excited to see you guys!

Apr 20 - Chapter Two page 21
Apr 27/29 (may be slightly delayed) - Chapter Two page 22
May 4th - Chapter Two page 23

Hey guys! Ever had a question you wanted to ask us about Teahouse, but never got a chance to ask?

This Thursday, from 4 - 6 pm Pacific Standard Time (GMT -8,… ) we will be holding a LIVE Teahouse Q & A session on our livestream account. Not only will you be able to ask CC any questions relating to Teahouse, E will also be working on drawing a page of the comic simultaneously! So you can sit back, relax, talk about Teahouse while WATCHING it as well!

We will start at 4 pm PST at E's livestream,…

We will repost this information on Thursday when the livestream goes up. :) Thanks all!

Feb 23rd - Chapter Two page 12
Mar 2nd - Chapter Two page 13
Mar 9th - Chapter Two page 14

Random journal post is random-

If you guys know of any Teahouse related stamps or plz icon accounts, please let me know! I listed all the ones I could remember on our userpage, but any I missed I would like to collect!

Feb 23rd - Chapter Two page 12
Mar 2nd - Chapter Two page 13
Mar 9th - Chapter Two page 14

If you haven't read it on our updates page on the website, or on our twitter, Teahouse is officially going weekly!  We'll be uploading every Wednesday around noon PST.

And this is all because of those of you who've supported the book by buying a copy. :D  We're very grateful for all of your support and as promised we're increasing our update schedule because of it! HOORAY, GUYS! THANK YOU!!!! :D E and I seriously can't thank you guys enough for everything. You've all been wonderful and we just want you to know how much we appreciate you guys!!!

Also, here's an interview we did with Yukie at Angelthesis!…

E and I are entirely too crazy, and idiotic, we know. :D


Feb 9th - Chapter Two page 10
Feb 16th - Chapter Two page 11
Feb 23rd - Chapter Two page 12

The post is up! Feel free to ask us questions and join the community!

This does not mean this journal is a Q & A! Please direct all questions to the Slash Pile post when it goes up! Thanks!

The Slash Pile contacted CC and I about doing a little Q & A with us. If you guys want to ask us something, please join the Slash Pile community on LJ! They'll be making a post about it within the next day or so.…

For those that are interested, the Slash Pile is an LJ group that focuses on original slash recommendations.


Dec 25th - Chapter Two page 5
Jan 1st - Chapter Two page 6
Jan 10th - Chapter Two page 7

A note from CC-

Dear friends.

I'm in Korea right now, working on a laptop, and it appears that it's futzin up the colors somethin terrible. My colors are coming out completely different than they should and I guess I'm getting weird grads and it's kinda killin me. E's been trying to walk me through it as she looks at the file from her end, but I'm just getting frustrated with how I can't see what she's seeing and I want this page to be pretty, dammit! ;_; So what we've decided is that we're going to delay the post until I get home on Tuesday.  So sometime Tuesday evening, the 23rd, I will be uploading the page and it'll be waaaay prettier than it is right now. :(

So sorry for all the crazy kinks lately. :( We're trying REALLY HARD to get everything running smoothly we just keep hitting mean road bumps. :( So yeah, the 23rd page 1 will be up and page 2 will still be up on the 1st which gets us all back on track!

Sorry again, I really wanted this page up so you guys could see it. I'm so sorry!

Thanks for understanding!

Give poor CC a hug. Things are just not working out for her today. We really try very hard to get our pages out and done before the upload day but sometimes shit just happens and blocks us. We hope you guys aren't too disappointed and that you'll check back on Tuesday the 23rd in the evening to see the new page of Teahouse. The good news is, there will be a short wait in between page 1 and 2! Hopefully that counts for something :D

On that note, you guys have been really amazing, seriously. We've always said that if we could make money off this we would start doing it more frequently, and I'm literally just.. BLOWN away at the amount of support you guys have given us. I spent a week putting together online orders and I was just absolutely dumbfounded by the amount of orders that were made. You guys humble us, we love you so much. And when CC gets back from her trip, we're planning on having a big talk about possibly upping the frequency of uploads...

We love you all and we're continually thrilled with how well our baby pet project has done. Thank you guys from the bottom of our hearts, sincerely.

Nov 23rd - Chapter Two page 1
Dec 1st - Chapter Two page 2
Dec 10th - Chapter Two page 3

Holy. Cow. DMP's been awesome enough to put TEAHOUSE and STARFIGHTER up on their online stores!


And we're on Yaoi club!

And Starfighter is on Yaoi club too!!

And this is a pretty big deal for us because it's the first time that DMP's selling SUPER INDEPENDENT full color American bl/yaoi like this.  They're willing to take this chance on us so I'd love it if we could in return possibly help sell the books.  In order to do that though, we'll need YOUR help.

If you have a few moments, could you guys possibly write up a quick review on their site for Teahouse and Starfighter for us? I know it's a lot to ask (and I feel silly asking for it) but it could TOTALLY sway people who have no idea what Teahouse or Starfighter is into possibly picking it up or even CONSIDER it. There are a lot of people out there who might turn away just because they don't even want to consider giving American made BL a look and DMP is being AMAZINGLY gracious in giving us this shot so I want to show them that we are totally worth the risk.

AGAIN, I feel silly asking, but if you guys have time to write a little blurb on the reviews for Teahouse and Starfighter, we will be BEYOND eternally grateful to you guys. ;_;

We love you all so much!


Nov 20th - Chapter Two page 1
Dec 1st - Chapter Two page 2
Dec 10th - Chapter Two page 3


The store is tested and works great now! Everyone, have at it!…

Nov 10th - online store goes up
Nov 20th - Chapter Two page 1
Dec 1st - page 2

OMG we had so much fun at Ycon. WE GOT COSPLAYERS. We'll post more about it soon!

But right as we got home, we also got a Daily Deviation!?…

Thanks so much to :iconblix-it: and to everyone else for reading and continuing to support us! You guys are just amazing and I can't wait to see what you all think of Chapter Two!


Nov 10th - online store goes up
Nov 20th - Chapter Two page 1
Dec 1st - page 2