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Wielding Power
They have the power to build up or to tear down; the power to save or destroy.
They can ease a sore heart, or cause more decay, stop up the flow of tears.
Words can erase all our burdens, or increase the load tenfold,
so be careful the words you choose.
But mightier still is the one who can wield
the words in crafty new ways.
They can overcome the stresses of each daily life, create something new.
They can tear down the walls others build in defense
or raise the walls higher still.
Take care, for the words you choose every day
can cause others to stumble and fall,
or lift them on high, relish each thing in their life,
the best of gifts to give.
:iconteague-drydan:Teague-Drydan 12 14
The Long Wait
She sighed as she peeked into the room. He wasn’t there yet. No surprise, really; it was earlier than usual. She glanced at the sun and scowled. Last night has been a late one and the sun had risen too early. It was barely fully up and cleared the horizon.
Sighing again, she gingerly threaded her way into the room. Paraphernalia was liberally strewn everywhere and she didn’t want to mess up the sorting system. As the cool darkness of the room enclosed her and her eyes adjusted, she spotted a cleared spot against the far wall in the corner. Swiping the pillow that he used at the desk, she plopped to the ground, knees to chest, back to wall, head on knees, arms clasped around her legs and waited.
The sun beam inched across the floor, ticking the minutes, hours as she waited. Her eyelids started drooping and a yawn teased at her lips. Slowly, the room grayed out and then blackened.
* * *
A sound startled her awake. The sun was no longer shining into the room, so she knew she
:iconteague-drydan:Teague-Drydan 3 9
One Last Breath
One last breath
Before returning home
I’ll miss you dearly
But know it’s for the best
Tears run free as I remember why
I love you too much to extend this lie.
I kiss your head, stroke your hair,
Remembering when you were there.
A long life blessed with love
And hope. Friendship found
When we were both so low.
Buoyed up, the best years gone,
Arthritis settles into bones.
One last breath
Before returning home
I’ll miss you dearly
But know it’s for the best
The call was made; No regrets to list
Save that it must be your last breath.
It’s hard to know, looking forward,
How life will be now you’re gone.
A laugh or smile
Will find its way back to grace my heart.
I miss you still, but sorrow fades.
The ache, it lessens day by day.
One last breath
Before returning home
I’ll miss you dearly
But know it’s for the best
Then it comes, with my last breath,
We’ll be together now at last.
With joy I fly to that heavenly place
To see for
:iconteague-drydan:Teague-Drydan 39 41
Mondo June 2018
Dragons used to fly
by moonlight and starlight--where
have they all gone to?
When time comes to end,
even dragons fail and fall;
going beyond death.
:iconteague-drydan:Teague-Drydan 7 8
Souljournalists Challenge | Week 4 | Big Picture
 Week 3: The Big Picture
Day 1: Vision
Day 2: Blank (A free day, choose your own "big picture" topic)
Day 3: Blank (A free day, choose your own "big picture" topic)
Day 4: Image
Day 5: Priorities
Day 6: Foresight/Hindsight (you can write about one, the other, or both!)
Day 7: Legacy
Bonus Day 1: Reflection - What have you learned?
Bonus Day 2: Reflection - What do you see differently?
:iconteague-drydan:Teague-Drydan 0 0
Jubilant Japanese Poetry - June 2018
Boredom creeps on soft
feet, sneaking up behind. Claws
splayed to grapple, not
rend flesh from bone. Sapping strength
from strong limbs, it de—
lights in bringing low the high.
No one can escape it’s grasp.
Menagerie of puppets
fills the space, leaving no spot
free. Invisible, only
felt and never seen. Naked
eyes are blind to truth.
Sated, eyes slowly
tumble closed. Breathing evens
out, sleeping soundly.
:iconteague-drydan:Teague-Drydan 4 3
Story Fragment III
The sun dipped below the horizon, allowing the world to cool. Heat haze was no longer visible, though could still be felt. A northerly breeze gently wafted her hair as she leaned against a warm pillar and sighed in relief.  She had been waking, trudging, waddling, for far too long, and still, no end was in sight.
Slowly sinking to the ground, she rested her elbows on her knees with her head in her hands. She hadn't thought it would be this hard, this long.
The scuttling sounds of night creatures roused her enough to change positions. Her back slowly slid to the side of the pillar, one arm pillowed under her head. Her knees were pulled as close to her chest as she could manage; they were stiff and sore from the walking.  A convenient rock allowed her to raise her feet above the ground so there would be no pressure on them. Her free hand covered her eyes, making an already dark night darker.
Around her, stars began to shine as the moon slid across the sky. Night creatures scutt
:iconteague-drydan:Teague-Drydan 2 10
nothing kind can come from monsters
A common saying hereabouts is “Nothing good can come from monsters.”  I used to say it, too, but that was before.
I used to be your run of the mill garbage rat, riffling through the day’s leftovers, hoping for a few scraps to eat to fill my belly.
At the time, I was maybe about ten or so. Generally short for my age, long straggly hair that no one knew the color of it was so dirty. Large swathes were matted messes.  Stone grey eyes glared out of a face more often streaked with dirt than was clean.  My eyes were just too close together and my chin stuck out more often than not.  What clothes I had were ratty tangles of fabric that barely covered strategic areas, more out of happenstance than actual planning.  I was a loner, growling fiercely at any one—large, small, well to do or so poor they can’t even claim the dirt on their face as theirs—when anyone tried to approach too close.  
I was also running scared.
You see, in
:iconteague-drydan:Teague-Drydan 6 12
Monthly Ritual
white cream splashed over red tile
i prayed this time: please,
let it take this time
red oozes across white cotton,
dashing dreams before they can soar
at least the answer wasn't
:iconteague-drydan:Teague-Drydan 2 5
Souljournalist Challenge | Week 3 |Growth
Week 3: Growth
Day 1: Personal (word count)
Day 2: Blank (word count 250)
When I adopted her, Quiz was barely 4 pounds and I was told she was 3.5 months old.  I didn’t question it.  She was super tiny.  She had one completely white front leg, the other was orange striped with white toes.  It looked like she had waded through white paint, the way the white flowed down her body. Her sides are a swirl of cinnamon colors: grey and orange, and striped and caramel.  Her chin was white and the left muzzle white as well; her right muzzle was striped in grey.
Within a week, I knew she had something wrong with her. Her little belly was distended all the time, regardless of when she last ate.  I brought a stool sample to the vet and discussed options. Quiz had already been given some generic wormer and flea stuff; we decided to try using a different type of wormer before doing more drastic measures.  I was also informed that she had t
:iconteague-drydan:Teague-Drydan 0 0
The High One pt II
The next day dawned with a cool easterly wind. The sky was clear of clouds, but a thin line on the far southern horizon boded more heat by the end of the day.
Jair woke just as the sun was cresting the horizon. He prayed the sun up, thanking the High One for allowing him to wake and asking for a sign regarding his successor.
His dreams had been a jumbled mess of possible portents, but gold and shadows played a key part in all of them. Jair knew this was important, but could not quite piece out the reasoning of why.
Once the sun had fully cleared the horizon, Therapon and Daiku, the gardener they employed, assisted Jair into his full ceremonial dress.  Dikon was too small to be of assistance, and Jair knew the boy needed his sleep, anyway.  The Communer only wore his ceremonial robes once or twice a year as the weight bore down too heavily upon his shoulders and made movements impossible for his old bones.
The litter arrived just as breakfast was finishing. As Jair negotiated
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Souljournalists Challenge | Week 2 | Health
Week 2:
Warning: This deviation does touch on depression, and abuse
Day 1: Mental Health (word count: 331)
If you had told my 12 year old self that, in the future, I would suffer abuse and depression caused by a family member, I might have believed you, but would have denied it being a possibility.  Partially because I didn’t really know what depression was and thought someone could only be physically abused for it to count and couldn’t see anyone in my family doing that.
I would have done the same at 16 as I was suffering through it, if only to keep it a secret and to not have my family—the only thing I had as a constant at the time—torn apart.
By the time I would reach my 20’s, I was sick of it.
Thankfully, the abuse never went too far and I was able to escape the situation until it became more stable and I had worked through quite a bit.
I would revisit depression, though, in my mid-20’s, thanks to a double concussion
:iconteague-drydan:Teague-Drydan 3 0
Hidden Light
Light peeks out from over branches,
dappling the skies a myriad of
greens, and blues, and whites.
Laughter floats on the breeze,
swept up like scattered seeds to
find rich ground elsewhere.
Bittersweet memories assail the senses.
shadows of time creep into the field of vision
obscured by unshed tears, lips curved
in wide smiles too irresistible to refuse.
Old traditions were taught here,
even as memories were instilled
deeply in hearts not ready for the future’s heartache.
Winter gripped hard after
Autumn’s colors faded.
Sorrow dripped snow on
flower beds once tenderly nourished.
Sunlight weakly shines through bare branches,
causing bleak shadows to dance
where leaves once held sway.
Desperation creeps close to mourners
as tears tumble down cheeks once
rosy with summer heat and laughter.
Spring bursts forth with a riot of colors.
:iconteague-drydan:Teague-Drydan 16 4
The High One pt I
Red glint gold off waves of perfection
Stealing breaths from chests as surveyors watched.
Finely sculpted cheekbones sliced through
Skin with a dazzling array of colors.
White, peach, brown, copper.
Complexion as scintillating as lakes of my youth.
I scrutinized the proceedings. The gavel pounded
Memories from my mind. Orations flowed freely,
Mingling with tears, sweat, even blood.
Still, the gold glinted, catching tiny
Sunbeams and lancing them across rooms
Left abandoned by chance. The small frame
Heaved. Little gasping breaths revealed
The tumultuous emotion within. No one
Paid heed, except I.
I who had stood where you stand now.
I who had endured, as you endure now.
I who had conquered, as you may in the future…?
I who watch you closely, evaluating
Your lust for life.  Your desire to become
Jair’s bones creaked as he slowly stood up. His body was old; his soul even older. His felt his time fa
:iconteague-drydan:Teague-Drydan 0 0
Souljournalists Challenge | Week 1 | The Future
Week 1:
Day 1: Me (word count 224)
Right now, I’m bored. So bored I decided to take on a month long challenge of writing two-hundred words of non-fiction a day (or, two-hundred words of thirty prompts because, let’s face it, I’m already five days behind). I am also working these prompts in around work, so spasticity may become a thing, flows changing as thoughts become muddled from starting and stopping and starting again.
Having written a lot of flash fiction & flash poetry (we’re talking over a hundred or so), it’s odd to me that I’m struggling to write two-hundred words about myself.
Maybe it’s because I’m a private person?
Maybe it’s because I don’t think I’m that interesting?
Maybe it’s because I’ve been told without words that I don’t matter?
But maybe, those maybes don’t have a place here.  So what if I’m private? I’ll still tell yo
:iconteague-drydan:Teague-Drydan 3 4
The Great Exhibition
The spring air gently swayed the awning above her head.  Sashi was bent over, working furiously on a new design, ignored it. She had to have this finished before day’s end. Kova was happily playing with some of the other children in the street. The wind gusted harder, causing the awning to clatter against the wooden support beams, nearly masking the sound of footsteps approaching.  A quick glance up did not improve Sashi’s mood. What are they doing here? I still have hours to go… Fighting down irritation, Sashi plastered a smile on her face as her eyes darted to where Kova played; she knew he would stay out of sight, if needs be.
The first man approached, a sneer gracing his face. “Still think you can be done in time, Sashi?” Her name was spat out like it was venom. His greasy hair was slicked backed back, revealing a widow’s peak, eyes set too close together and a nose that appeared to be broken more often than she folded papers.
:iconteague-drydan:Teague-Drydan 3 6
Apologies for "vague booking" and then going dark.  I'm probably going to be hit or miss for several more weeks as i continue to adjust to my new life.

earlier this week my lawyer notified me that my divorce was finalized!  Tomorrow I collect my things from my ex-husbands house & start a new chapter of life--in multiple ways!  :dance:

Late August, I asked my ex-husband for a divorce.
Oct 3rd, I started a new position at work (receptionist to customer service rep--they were phasing out the receptionist position)
Nov 1st, I interviewed for a new, new position at work
Nov 28, I was officially divorced
Dec 3rd, I officially start my new position as a Merchandiser Assistant!

Wow!  What a whirlwind!

There is a lot that I have missed out on in the last few months.  Please link me to cool stuff you've found or posted so I can start catching up!

Thank you to everyone who's been praying for me/sending good vibes. Please continue to keep those up: I will be seeing my ex-husband for the first time in approximately 2 months tomorrow as I collect my things.  I am not sure how he is going to react.

Thank you, all!

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  • Eating: Tofu Pad Thai from Noodles & Co!
  • Drinking: Powerade Lemon & Lime mixed!



Artist | Student | Literature
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I love fairy tales and myths, I live with my two adorkable cats, Quiz and Zeke, along with my husband. We recently moved and are settling in to our new life in the big city and our new jobs. My job's rather slow right now, but I expect that to change in the near future.


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