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Dead Homer

By Teagle
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Lol fucking brutal. I love it!
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X'cuse ...
I was looking for the sketchy pics of Homer sitting on a couch, or lying in bed * and not doing anything, because he is dead. No cause. Just dead. So silly that I stored them in my own pic files.

* His moob killed him ... according to some wag.
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This macabre image is something you probably won't see on The Simpsons. If Homer gets killed, he'll bleed red blood.

You did a nice job on this.
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He was killed by his moob
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Awesome as always! Nice work!
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An interesting glimpse into the darker parts of your mind, perhaps? :noes:
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I get the vibe that Bart is just facepalming at Homer's stupidity.
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I didn't do it.
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All he wanted his son to do was to call him Dad.
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boys will be boys
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dead homers will be dead homers
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Implementation of the Oedipus complex. Now he can only marry his mother :)
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YES! haha as I was uploading this, I was toying with the title and thought of naming it after that.
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oh! Totally plausible actually...
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Yeah, the Simpsons is home to some of the worst child abuse on television!
Bart was a ticking time bomb.
Acutally drew this and then came across a 'Life in Hell' comic cover that was VERY similar! [link] (cover number 4).
I've been ripping off Matt Groening on ideas he had 30 years ago!
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