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Oren's Forge - PG 190

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Hunger rules the predator and fear drives the prey -- but change is coming.

Oren's Forge usually updates once a week on Monday, skipping a week here and there.

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Luckysweep's avatar

Well, a small entrance is one way to keep up a defense to keep unwanted enemies out.

Darkmoonstruck's avatar

I love the sentiment, but the biology nerd in me can't help but remember that many rodents are fully capable of digging/chewing through rock or concrete and they could easily widen that entrance as much as they pleased if they truly wanted to, especially if they've got metal tools to do so since they wouldn't even have to use their claws and teeth. There are many species that cause trouble for construction workers and destroy building foundations by burrowing through them.

teagangavet's avatar

I too am a biology nerd! I know limestone would be short work for her (or Egg, or any rodent). However, I don't think she would make the way wider on purpose and let the Hollow be more vulnerable.

Darkmoonstruck's avatar

Makes sense to me, it's a lot easier to defend narrow passageways than large ones. Still seems kinda mean to leave her out like that when she's working so hard and risking so much to help, I hope she at least has a nice comfortable place to live outside the hollow itself.

nanorat's avatar

I feel its not so much they cant, but they dont want to widen in - where a few bigger settlers may pass, also may pass a bigger predator! Defending a narrow passage is a lot easier than a wide roadway.

Miss-Italia's avatar

I like the idea of an entrance small enough to keep most predators out, and that there are exceptions. In the wild, animals like weasels have a slender, small body to enter narrow rabbit tunnels. It makes sense that a marten is able to enter this place, seeing as their bodies are sleek as well.

MrGheesfellow's avatar

I hope Sybil lives long enough for Oren to invent door frames.

LittleSnaketail's avatar

This comment made me wheeze out loud

Chcara's avatar

Egg looks so sad!!

Sybil is risking her life so other people will have a chance to expirience a better life... a life that she herself will never be able to have. She is straight up a hero

ah so egg cant go either

heyits-hardy's avatar

:((( at least they have each other

SilverSerienty's avatar

Prickly parent better be there when Rask returns.

LipsterLeo's avatar

Touching. That explains why Egg lives by herself by the river ...

RaventheKit's avatar

Poor Sybil, poor Egg. . .

wriken's avatar

Awww, poor Egg is alone again. At least she has Sybil to keep her company.

Bluedramon's avatar

So why was Hemlock worried about wolves showing up at the den? If it's too narrow for a porcupine, it's gonna be too narrow for wolves.

MzKRAZyPOUiTA562's avatar

There's always the risk of running out of food, even if it's rationed and stored

Not all animals want to be hiding underground or inside caves

It's just playing the waiting game of who will starve first and since smaller animals need more to's death either way

AgnosticDragon's avatar

Can they grow food in the den? If not, someone has to come out eventually.

CabbajicusComics's avatar

Siege comes to mind, once they know prey is denning, it's just a matter of hanging around until one makes a mistake.

XmanOne's avatar

"Sometimes we have to build for others what we want for ourselves."

What a phrase. Just great.

Sheather888's avatar

One of the most powerful pages in the story, the little bit of dialogue here really defines Sybil's character in a good way.

Me da ancias de ver lo que hay detrás.

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