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Oren's Forge - PG 188

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Hunger rules the predator and fear drives the prey -- but change is coming.

Oren's Forge usually updates once a week on Monday, skipping a week here and there.

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Oren just keeps pushing fave character in my book. Such a wise old and sweet rabbit.

what about egg?

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I can only hope for one thing... BRING EGG IN TOO




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Porcupine pun?

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Familiarity breeds both acceptance and contempt. The more often someone encounters a perceived danger and walks away unharmed, the more comfortable they become in its presence. And since the people of the hollow already have a level of contempt, the only way to go is acceptance.

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I am confused how it can breed contempt. I would figure it would breed out contempt. Pretty much every "ism/ist" is often due to not feeling a relation to the target the ism/ist is about. Like sexist men exposed to women on equal footing wherein they can see them as human, or being exposed and familiar with a race that wasn't common in your childhood. Both malevolent and passive versions of prejudice often stem from lack of exposure, or selectively negative exposure (directly (getting hurt by a person of a specific characteristic (sex, race, creed, nationality etc.))or indirectly (being told in media or by family about the ills of this group or that group with out any personal experience)).

At least that's my initial thoughts on it. I'd like to know what you think.

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It's familiarity with the absence of understanding that usually breeds contempt. Like this person you know does something annoying or upsetting to you on a regular basis and that resentment just builds until you explode. It's also the illusion of familiarity, something similar to how the people of the forge mostly believe that all predators are bloodthirsty sadistic monsters without exception. They think they know, but not really. Familiar, but not known.

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Ah, so kind of like prejudice. Like knowing of a certain group or type of person and stereotypes attributed. Familiar but not known like you said, assumptions of character or how something is because they know it exists, but don't understand it. So they put it in a box to try to compartmentalize.

I hope for a secret tunnel!

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Oren's missing toes?!

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I think he lost them when he was making the spears :DWhen he first found out and had to learn how to make them :D

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Bruh this is the first time I'm seeing this 😂😂

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OH WHOA you're right!

i only notice that now, dang!

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That kinda puts a point on "we always were ..."

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"Isn't THIS the hollow?"

Woah, are we gonna have an epic underground city revelation or something? 😲😲 I'm curious. Or maybe the hollow is simply a little further? Or like we see in movies, under a secret waterfall entrance :D could be anything 🤣

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My money's on Underhollow!

LauraRamirez's avatar

Yeah same :D but don't want to get my hopes up in case it's not the case 😂

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Welcome, to Jurassic Park.

Ooh I wonder what the hollow actually is 🤔ᴴᴹᴹ

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