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Oren's Forge - PG 187

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Hunger rules the predator and fear drives the prey -- but change is coming.

Oren's Forge usually updates once a week on Monday, skipping a week here and there.

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Egg is precious, must protecc

Hemlocc atacc, Oren protect but most of all egg be epicc

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It makes me really happy to see someone with genuine care and concern for Rask. With his uncle and Sprig gone he needs Egg. Oren shows trust and kindness ofc. but his role towards Rask is more as leader and teacher than a friend or family. For now at least.

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I wonder if Hemlock will start a prey supremacist terrorist hate group, which will attempt to slaughter all predators and that will basically be the second book. Seeing how dark the story was in some areas, I wouldn't be surprised.

I doubt I will be able to read it if it was the case though 😅

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Guess she's gonna start a competing haven.

I'm so happy to see Egg hug him, he really needed a friendly face :heart:

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Hooray, Egg is okay!!! I’m glad Egg’s okay, and Hemlock didn’t do anything to harm Egg in any way. I wouldn’t put it past her to take out her frustration and aggression on poor Egg.

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So much for being protectors. Running to save their own hides. I know change is hard, but All of them? Wonder if any would have stayed if Oren was nearby.

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Not surprising. All those who had spears and such seemed extremely unwilling to let Rask stay there. Especially given that Hemlock was FAR from the only one shooting daggers at Rask. She was just the most outspoken one. Craic(prior to death) was also hostile towards Rask, to draw attention to that fact. It's not like she manipulated them into leaving, they likely had similar thoughts after she told them what Rask was planning and what Oren said.

Because, I mean really. A predator saying that he wants to bring more meat eaters to the Hollow after knowing the situation of prey creatures and how many of them have lost loved ones or been hurt or scarred by that? I still think that it's exceptionally naïve of Oren to have put so much stock in this plan and NOT expect Hemlock and others to leave.

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Egg I would die for you

how many are in this wardens group?

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Thank Heaven for Egg. Rask needs a snuggle.

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So Hemlock had the nerve to take all the wardens with her, leaving the hallow with little to no defense. I guess she cared more about killing for revenge rather than helping defend others in need.

Good to see Egg again though. She seems happy to see Rask.

Rask esta oliendo a Egg, creo que en la siguiente página hablará sobre eso.

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"yet you brought one back"

weren't you the one that told his grandfather how to get there and already defended him earlier?

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I think that statement was said more in surprise than judgement!

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Maybe Sibyl was expecting that once a marten is identified as a killer, the group would no longer trust Rask and wouldn’t bring him back to the Hollow again. So, seeing Rask returning (thankfully?) amazed her.

Yes, I read it like that, and also that she is curious as to how the group's development meant they felt that they could still trust Rask

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They might mean "Yet you brought one back" as in they're surprised, or maybe just curious, that Oren still trusts Rask, even though he's a marten like the one that attacked the hollow.

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Yeah... Not sure if I overread that bit but it came off as cold.

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one of the flaws of flat text.

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Oh, mama bun. :( Can't say I like the idea of so many guards leaving with her at all, it's leaving them short on defenses. If you truly care about something, you don't abandon it the second things don't go your way.

edit: But YAY for good buddies like Egg. :love:

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wait she came back and took the other rabbits?!

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