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October 16, 2021
Oren's Forge - PG 182 by teagangavet
Featured by DrZime
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Oren's Forge - PG 182


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Hunger rules the predator and fear drives the prey -- but change is coming.

Oren's Forge usually updates once a week on Monday, skipping a week here and there.

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Congratulations 10/10

AgnosticDragon's avatar

Congratulations on the Daily Deviation!

Jeremy-The-Guy's avatar

Congratulations on getting featured 😊

MoccaBliss's avatar

Never heard of THIS comic, but omg does it look great! Gotta start from the beginning! ^^

LindArtz's avatar

Aww Wonderful!!! :love: Congrats on your much Deserved, DD!!! :clap:

For My Personal Use Only
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Ok that's really good Rask, but before you bring more hunters to the stone hollow, I think you should first find a real viable alternative to mammals meat for hunters, because like Hemlock have said in page 129, you won't be able to feed on bugs and fishes during the winter and that's a big problem for your coexistence project between predators and preys (I can't believe I just said Hemlock was right about something). You must find a solution to this "food problem" before you start inviting other predators to live in the stone hollow.

Nicooriia's avatar

Small steps, Rask. You might want to plan this out more carefully.

Luckysweep's avatar

So what is Rask's plan here? How does he hope to show everyone he's changed?

fastenjaw's avatar

I really hope Rask wants to teach them how to defend themselves. With Hemlock gone and Oren not being a spring hare anymore, they need all the help they can get in conquoring their fears of predators (despite their newly found "teeth" they aren't very good at using them.)

FoxTenson's avatar

I don't think he'll take his fangs. Doing that won't solve anything and will be detrimental to what Oren and Rask want. I am curious what Rask intends to do, but removing his fangs I see to be a very bad idea. If you want a community with pred and prey you can't treat either worse than the other. Taking fangs shows distrust and lower status. You have to save everyone on equal terms.

Jayie-The-Hufflepuff's avatar

Plus I doubt many hunters would feel inclined to trust the prey at the stone hollow if the only hunters they meet from the hollow have their teeth taken out…

spyrofuckingcynder's avatar

Ok Oren, what you gonna say. Oo.

Vixxiin's avatar

I can understand their fear. I'm glad Rask is being upfront about it. I think it takes courage to have a radical if possibly dangerous idea and show so soon that it's the path you would like to take, even if it risks you having to find a different path because others don't agree. Better to be honest than sneaky, even if you think it for the best.

Refreshing to see characters communicate so well. Nothing is hunky dory, but the people/persons in this story are good communicators overall. They seem to know their limits, understand their situations, even if they end up at different conclusions. Much as Hemlock frustrated me, I never felt like I couldn't understand her position, even if I vehemently disagreed with it. None of them are perfect but damn are they well written. You never feel lost understanding their motivation and thought process. That's extremely impressive in a comic that has lots of beautiful pictures and not mass exposition dialogue in giant talk bubbles. Plenty of show don't tell.

teagangavet's avatar

Thanks for this comment-- meant a lot today! :]

wriken's avatar

Wow, even Hemlock looks touched! I half expected her to stab him when he announced his intention to bring other hunters to the Hollow.

EDIT: My mistake, looks like it's a different rabbit!

It's a different rabbit

TheLuckOfTheClaws's avatar

That’s not hemlock, she ran off. Remember?

DrunkenDragonDirge's avatar

Those are troubled looks among the lot there.

The sight where words have hit home in the best ways to leave a very sour note at the pit of ones stomach. (A good thing here.)

Yo voy a confiar en esas palabras. Creo que será algo que nos marque en la vida.

Sabreleopard's avatar

Those words Rask just said in the last panel give you a lot to guess on what's gonna happen...

AbNom's avatar

Maybe he's going to bury his dad and Sprig, both to show the difference not only in what has happened to his previous mindset as a hunter, but also to show honor to the dead in a way that apparently has not been done by either hunters or prey before, rather than the normal hunter's taking advantage of the fallen (at least in regards to prey).

Not something as drastic as offering his teeth, but the start of something long term, in his way of now living, and in his actions.

Vixxiin's avatar

This, I like this idea. That would be a great way to sort of break the differences that death sucks for everyone, hunter and prey and both deserve a sort of respect because both (usually) were just trying to survive.

I think something like that would help break the label. If a non-respectful burial IE eating the corpse or just leaving it to rot is given to those who act in malice, but not because of being hunter/prey but rather their character, then that would also make an impact.

As infuriating as Yarrow was, I don't think he thought of it as anymore than the order he was used to and was taught by environment and experience that extra food is better than not enough. Different from the cougars who fully understood that they had abundance and treated it sadistically.

MzKRAZyPOUiTA562's avatar

He's gonna eat his dad! Calling it rn

Or break his own fangs

I am curious tho

VampVixen's avatar


Okay in all seriousness now, I too am curious on Rask's futurie actions and decisions. I'm also curious as to what Oren thinks of this idea.

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