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Oren and the One-Eyed Wolf

Available on Patreon ($5) and as a PDF on Gumroad ($9) is Oren and the One-Eyed Wolf!

It’s a short (13 page) full color comic set sometime between the end of the first volume of Oren’s Forge and the next! It follows a dual narrative about Oren’s encounter with the One-Eyed Wolf mentioned on page 119 of Oren’s Forge.
Learn more about Oren’s motivation that lead him south to the Conclave, as well as the inner-workings of the Grassland wolf pack!

Just to be clear - I have no intention to hide the main story behind a paywall. If you like my comic, I want you to be able to read it. Oren and the One-Eyed Wolf expands upon the characters and the world and gives you a little sneak-peak into some characters coming in the next volume, but skipping it won’t negatively effect your understanding of the main story.

Q: Can I read Oren and the One-Eyed Wolf without reading the last 8 pages of Oren’s Forge, Volume One?
A: Yes, you can! There are no spoilers to the finale of Volume One.

However, Patreons can read Oren and the One-Eyed Wolf, along with the full 199 pages of the first volume, for only $5! Plus, you get access to bonus content like work-in-progress art and panel breakdowns.
Best part of being a Patreon? The main storyline is set to continue on November 15th 2021 with weekly updates of brand new pages! That’s… NEXT WEEK!
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I sense a Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner’ dynamic here.

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No Wolfe! ITS a Trap (why do I suddenly fell fishy?)

Ese cómic estará en las aplicaciones donde están tus cómic, no? No puedo pagar pero quiero leer el cómic aquí como el volumen 1. Incluso quiero leerlo en Furaffinity y en Tapas.

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i'll never get to see things like that because i spend all my money on gas and groceries.

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Artists need to buy gas and groceries too.

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As much as it hurts me too that I'll never get to either, this is how they get their gas and food

Drawing art, making comics, and giving special attention to pieces like this which is a neat idea for those who can afford it~💕

I know it's not cool, but we have the main comic in itself for free so I'm grateful, right? 😊

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Selling lil side comics like this is such a great idea. I'll probably purchase it when I got some spare money. :3

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