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A bit late but here it is~

Capture by teaesthetic

D by teaesthetic
So Congratulations to Europe45 for winning this lovely Sugarcoatie ^^ Please not me when you can to get her files :>
Thanks to all who joined, hope you can join for the admin's next raffle~

Hello~ So I'm looking to buy something for myself and I've been having fun designing Cloud Pandas on this base by Nazaki-Cain on FA lately so, I decide to open some palette customs like these

CLOSED by teaestheticCLOSED by teaestheticCLOSED by teaesthetic

I'm offering two options~

-Front and Back
-Palette Box

-Front and Back
-Headshot reference
-Palette Box

Comment if you'd like one~ this would be Paypal only this time sorry ><
5 Slots for now but might open them again soon with more species added ^^
I had some fun doing mermaid adopts on the waitress base~ soo... I'll be opening up 5 slots for this with 2 options

Option A: 5$/500pts
Mermaid Only
Mermay by teaesthetic

Option B: 10$/1000pts
(Mermaid and Humanized version)
31 by teaesthetic


Comment with this form
Which option:
Link to moodboard:
Anything specific you want:
Tea Unicorns - 72 hr MYO event [CLOSED] by princekaiju
Go join this adorable MYO~ and since I wasn't able to contribute much to this species after joining

First 2 pips to join this MYO cause of this journal gets 10pts each~ not much but I just wanna see some Tea Unicorns :3
<da:thumb id="733462652"/>

Comment this below if interested

 Turquoise Bullet - F2U! 
My OC: 
Turquoise Bullet - F2U! Your OC (w/ link): 
Turquoise Bullet - F2U! Wanted Relationship:  

(please note I wont immediately accept relationships as I see that the personality and species compliment what relationship and which OC youre offering)

So I'm joining the trend of these journals for OTAs and trade stuff xD Anyways here are some of my dream species and design themes. Will update as much as needed :>

Also visit my toyhouse to see what characters I have
Shooting Star  Shooting Star (Right)  

Pastel Yellow Star Bullet-I own at least one (#)
Pastel Blue Star Bullet-Don't own any
Pastel Green Star Bullet-Co-own one

Shooting Star  

 Xynthii by ObsceneBarbie      
(1) Solaxxy by drasighoul      
 (1) Slugoii by Getanimated      
 Spidoii by Getanimated     
 (1) Lickers by XenoBaby      
 (2) Palettites by ADKOG     
  Chromites by BunBunBoop    
   (2) Toothies by GreenBeean     
  Nonagis by pupdol    

  Sliclop by PlanetBubbleAdopt
EKnox by @rainidaze  
   Pawadachi by PlanetBubbleAdopt    
  Celestial Critters by CorruptPastel    
  Hylinca by Smelly-Mouse    
  (will add more)


Femme Fatale   
Pastel Goth/Goth    
Cool Boiis        
(will add more)

.:Pink pastel heart: FILL UP HERE .:Pink pastel heart:

Pink Pumpkin MILLENIAL PINK Pink Pumpkin
Milennial Pink by teaesthetic

Purple Pumpkin LAVENDERPurple Pumpkin
Lavender by teaesthetic

Blue Pumpkin BABY BLUEBlue Pumpkin 
Baby Blue by teaesthetic

Green Pumpkin MINT GREENGreen Pumpkin
{not available}

orchid and leafs l LEMON CHIFFONorchid and leafs r
{not available}

.:Pink pastel heart: FILL UP HERE .:Pink pastel heart:
Ok so just putting it up there that I have no hard feelings on adopt makers using apps...

However, I don't find it fair that in exchange for that app made adopt you're looking for art, points, and especially mailed art.

Recently, I joined a shared adopt instagram account and of course there are a variety of people with different "genres" of adopts. Moodboards, traditional, canine, etc. Just there's like a theme to what these admins post.

Now, again, nothing against app-made adopts. But know the worth of that adopt. If you spent real money for assets used for that app that's understandable but adopts that can be done in a few seconds to a few minutes dont deserve points, money, or art. I enjoy bio to adopt, name to adopt, and first come first serves, for these types and theyre pretty acceptable.

Frankly speaking, someone is going to spend time to make art, spend money to mail it to you, for something they couldve done themselves in a free avatar making app.

I know that not all app made adopt makers do this but there are many people on instagram I know that do this.

So just a lil psa to these types of adopt makers, know the worth of what youre making on apps. Just to be fair :>

Shooting Star  original species trait sheet Shooting Star (Right)

*depends on complexity and number of traits

Cosmies Trait Sheet { OPEN SPECIES } by teaesthetic
Unimites Trait Sheet {CS by GeomonLover} by teaesthetic
orchid and leafs l DO'sorchid and leafs r

tiny leaf l Minor alterations
tiny leaf l Credit me at least once when drawn
tiny leaf l Shared Ownership
tiny leaf l Reselling for lower than the original price
tiny leaf l Trading
tiny leaf l Re-uploading original artwork as long as I'm credited :>

orchid and leafs l DONT'sorchid and leafs r

tiny leaf l Reselling for higher than the original price
tiny leaf l If got for free (Raffles, Art payment, Kiriban, etc.) don't sell for points or money
tiny leaf l Tracing the design that you didn't buy

orchid and leafs l PAYMENTSorchid and leafs r

tiny leaf l Points Points -Send the points through "GIVE POINTS"
tiny leaf l PayPal bullet - I'll note you my email and send the payment there...
tiny leaf l Art - I'll send my character references by note and we'll negotiate thru that