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Unimites Trait Sheet {CS by GeomonLover} by teaesthetic Unimites Trait Sheet {CS by GeomonLover} by teaesthetic
Closed species by GeomonLover
Trait sheet by me

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{ trait guide }

Bullet; Blue Blue-common
 Bullet; Red Red-uncommon
 Bullet; Pink Pink-rare
Bullet; Black Black-super rare
Bullet; White White-legendary

{ lore }

Unimites are previously thought to be a myth until their species decided to come out of hiding and co-exist with humans and various other species. This species are a crossbreed between Tootheye humans and Unicorns.

It all started when a Tootheye human stumbled upon a Pure Unicorn and the Unicorn wanted to preserve its pure magic by infusing it on the Tootheye. The first birth of a Unimite contained all the purity of the Unicorn and by pro-creating more and more generations with other Tootheyes the purity decreased and decreased. However, all Unimites still carry the magic infused by the Unicorn. A purer Unimite is rarer for the reason that it came from an earlier bloodline and is considered more royal than the others.

Unimites live very long lives and follow the birthday tradition of humans. Female Unimites are the dominant class when mating, meaning it all depends on the female's class on how the offspring's class will end up being.

{ faq }
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