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Of Mice and Men

From John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men

Part of the solo exhibit, Teaessare Can Read, featuring illustrated scenes from classic and contemporary literary works.

Teaessare Can Read: [link]
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I found this on a Vibe Check meme.
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Oh shit spoilers XD well I asked for it
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My final GCSE exam on this book is today.
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I'm still annoyed the giant hallucination rabbit wasn't in the film.
philomedesaphrodite's avatar
my poor heart can't take this ;_;
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We watched the film at School, i was crying ;-;
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I just did an exam on this book yesterday. I think it's very interesting,but the ending is really upsetting.
3FER20's avatar
The saddest part of the book.
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In my high school ElA class we finished reading the book and watched the movie after and honestly I liked the book but a really sad ending to it too but it had to happen even tho I really felt bad for Lennie ;-;it was for the best I felt like crying too but I held in my tears...there was this one girl in my class who cried after George shot Lennie in the movie it's different because he doesn't let Lennie Finnish His sentence about the rabbits and everything a lot of people were gasping too even tho we read the book and know what's going to happen it's still sad but it's for the best..

i liked this this book possibly one of the books that I have enjoyed that was an assignment and we got to watch movie of it even though the movie had different details it still fallowed the book and was good movie\book:)
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I saw this and I had just finished the book and I cried ;_; Lennie...
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NOOOOOOOOO, please don't kill Lennie Waaaah!  !
It's my reaction when I read the Lenny's death scene... This poignant scene ... Poor Lennie T_T
TheSnowe's avatar
It sorta felt like Lennie knew it was coming during the end :*(
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We just finished the book in class today and I fell out of my seat crying.
therandomgal800's avatar
Same! My classmates cried, I just stared into blank space...
pikakid's avatar
it was a very sad scene but i  think hes better off in heven
Moohiss's avatar
;3; WHY george... why!!!
I can remember reading it when i was a kid.... it was too sad...ㅠ
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aww I remember reading this in english class and 8th grade.  This is the sad part
That was a tender and sad moment.
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One of the very few books school made me read that I enjoyed. Really glad I rushed ahead of the class because the teacher spoiled this part to every one else >.< really like how you have the two of them posed especially the arm holding the gun. Foreshortening is a bitch XD
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I think it's needs more dramatic shading, but I like both of their expressions.
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