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8. Shopping

When I see the word "shopping" I immediately think of LIKE, OMG, THE MALL 

so of course here is a clipsville AU where the girls decide to stay teenagers.....:B or something.....

#8 in :icon30dayotpchallenge:

brick is jus like "ok whatever fuck dat bitch imma call buttercup"
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I love Clipsville ^^

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Wow aku is such a sugar daddy

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I can literally hear this XD
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EXPERIENCE... XD I like that.
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Face it, Brick, you have a better future with Buttercup. ;)
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I don’t like it! It’s supposed 2 b BlossomxBrick😡!!!!!!!
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this entire fan-fic reminds me of Black Rose. Someone that's so evil finds someone and their being together causes either pain or suffering of some sort to everyone else.
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Dunno what Black Rose is but it definitely sounds like some shit I'd love.
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be sure you find an unedited copy of it, all the edited ones cut out a lot of the parts to solve the mystery
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thats "Black Rose" ¿what it is? sound interesting :0

FireManXTM's avatar

What indeed lol

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XDD "Black Rose" ¿its a fanfic?

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It's a Romance/Mystery WebNovel... The original is in Korean, but the translated script was moved to an unknown site after someone reported it. Unless you know where to look, you'll be hard-pressed to find it. The story involves conflicting content, to say the least. I'm not surprised why they moved it...

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Ooohhh thank you so much ^^ 💕💕💕
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Blossom, you rock. Aku is the better boyfriend than Brick ever is. 
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OML This was cool!!!
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He looks like her father xD
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Oh gawd...I have to fav this one just on principle. Lmao!
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OH FUCK poor Brick!!!!! XD XP XD XP
Sew3r-Gat0r's avatar
That moment when Blossom roasts Brick.

"Apply cold water to burn."
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Aku looks really classy in suit.
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Oh my gosh, yes. :D

I may not ship AkuBloss, but I wish this happened in the episode. It would have been just hilarious. XD  
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