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So this is a couple months old, it was a /r/sketchdaily piece about daily annoyances - in the past I have struggled with dermatillomania (compulsive picking) and it is definitely a daily annoyance! My old computer crashed and I thought this was gone - then I remembered that I had uploaded it before (: Unfortunately I only have this small version.
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Hi, I'm writing to ask if I may include a dermatillomania-related art piece in an assignment. I'm a Master's in Journalism student, (I also have dermotillamania) and I'm  working on an article that explores the lack of awareness of dermatillomania by the general public and even some medical professionals. I would be happy to reference your blog, or reference you in any way you'd like. This article would appear on a WordPress site. Thank you for considering, Jessica. 
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Hi! It's probably far too late but yes, this work is under the Creative Commons license so that's totally fine!
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My back is a little like this. But I have a lot more scar marks.
This looks great! I think you captured the feel very well :D.
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yessss this is exactly what it feels like, you've captured it really well :')
Can I use this for a poem I'm writing?
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It's not too small.  I wish I could get my drawing to upload this size -_- But good job!
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A very intense and impressive painting!
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This is beautiful, I love the power of the hands' movement!
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I have been trying hard to stop picking but sometimes I don't even realize I'm doing it... Right now my back is ok but I still have lots of scabs I keep on removing so nothing is healing fully. Hopefully I can get my back to heal fully eventually.
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Haha, it's quite funny , there was an advert for skin care products at the top of the screen when I was viewing this, just thought I'd share the irony.
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Oh man, that is funny. It's like they know...
Also, my back was this bad when I drew this pic, but right now I only have one spot! There's no silver bullet but if you combine things like a better diet, less stress and giviny your hands something to do, they really add up and make a difference (:
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That's great! Thanks, I'll try it out :)
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Yep, that's pretty much what my back looks like :|
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Great colour choice.. I like it! :D
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Hehe thank you (:
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