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Just wanted to apologize to you guys for the severe lack of updates over the past month or so. I was really trying to get into writing some side projects, but between work, reading, and studying so many different languages, it kind of fell by the wayside. 

I don't anticipate things getting any better this summer, as I'll be working on my novel as well as an ESL certification [on top of the continued Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and Korean]. All I'll say for now is that I plan to keep the DA account going, if only to contact you guys every so often with progress on my novel. 
It finally happened. I FINALLY uploaded, woot woot!

I changed the upload format, as converting from .docx to .html was taking waaaay too much time. I figured uploading the .pdf version would be suitable enough. If you guys have any concerns or problems seeing the document, please let me know! 

Chapter 3 was uploaded today, and I finished chapter 4 early this morning. I'll be proofreading and uploading it tomorrow, then starting chapter 5. 

As always, feel free to leave comments. I said this in the chapter description, but it bears repeating here: I'm always looking to grow as an author, so any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated! 

Thanks again for those who follow. 
Hello again!

Just a personal update - Easter break starts tomorrow, and I finally have some breathing room for typing and doing personal activities. Between insomnia, adopting a cat with my boyfriend, and grading tests before the finality of the third marking period, it's been a crazy past two weeks. 

Chapter 3 is completed but needs to be proofread. I also started Chapter 4 and hope to make some progress with that later today. Fingers crossed, I can upload both chapters 3 and 4 this weekend as a sort of Easter break treat.
Hey everyone!

So I'm currently working on Chapter 3 of Project Wormhole. It obviously wasn't uploaded last weekend, and it looks like I'll be looking at a later day this week to post. I'll probably just look at posting once every 2 weeks until otherwise, as that seems to be the current rate at which I'm able to type, proofread, and post. I wish I could work a bit faster, but between teaching, grading, and studying, it's been a heck of a ride. 

On a side note, I picked up a Korean textbook on the fly yesterday and am really enjoying it so far! Korean is waaaay easier than Japanese or Chinese, to anyone interested. 
Hello again.

Chapter 2 of Project Wormhole is roughly completed, as I just need to proofread the draft before posting it. However, as many of you know, things in America are a bit crazy [and by a bit, I mean very fucking crazy], and I work in a school district. My school had a threat two days ago, and things have been a bit chaotic and very tiring since then. I've decided to wait until I've had some good rest before proofreading the chapter, so I'm planning on posting the chapter sometime Saturday or Sunday.
Hey everyone!

The second chapter to Project Wormhole is about halfway done; however, I had a ton of grading and other things to do this week, so it kind of got put on the back-burner. Hoping to finish the chapter, proofread, and post it by mid-next week.

Sorry for the delay. 
Hello everyone!

It has been a crazy past year, and the best summary I can create is that I changed jobs, moved, and am now working to get certified, all while learning at least one foreign language. It's been a little crazy.

The stories I have been posting on here, including ASAP and Breakdown, were all to serve as creative outlets but admittedly had no real direction. I always write stories after creating an outline, but with these, it was ideas I had written on paper that I wanted to try out. This is why they appear in my gallery scattered and unorganized. 

This year, however, I'm finally getting settled and want to return to my passion for writing. As most of you know, I already have a book published, and I plan on working on the sequel to that novel during this summer. As a warm-up, I am currently writing a futuristic sci-fi series that will be posted to this site. It will be written in the style of a novel, so the chapters will be much longer, and I'll be eager for feedback on a lot of the material. 

My goal is to post the first chapter by this weekend. I will do my best to update more and post more frequently, as I honestly do miss writing these stories and interacting with you all. 

Thank you all for your patience. :) 
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So, it figures. I decide I need to write some different things and make a schedule to post short stories and what-not, and lo and behold, my book series gets accepted by a publisher!!

The book series, titled Shiranai Law [shiranai is pronounced she-rah-na-ee, and is based off the Japanese word meaning "to not know"], was picked up by Silver Leaf Books. I'm going to be spending the next week looking over the necessary paperwork, and obviously I need to finalize proofreading the copy to be sent. Therefore, I may not be posting as much original stuff on here as I initially planned.

I'll keep you all updated on the status of the series. In the meantime, however, my focus will be on finishing the novel, planning the next book of the series, and planning the next manga Emi-chan92 and I are going to be designing. 
Hello peoplez!

I know I've been very distant from this website for awhile, and there are a lot of reasons for that. Long story short, a lot has changed, both in my writing styles and my life in general.

I've tried getting back into fanfiction (as those of you who follow me on may know), but it's been challenging. I'm delving into a lot of different genres and ideas, and I fear that I may not be into fanfiction as much as before. And no matter what, readers don't deserve work from an author whose half-assing it.

So I'm going to try and use this as a platform for some original work. I can't guarantee it will be constant, nor can I say when I'll exactly begin. But I'm looking into posting some original pieces as well as some journal posts in the future. Just something to connect to you guys.

I also want to be more active for my good friend, Emi-Chan92. She's been doing a lot of work with several projects, and I want to be here to support her. :)
So most people who follow me on here understand that I work with EmiTheInsane on a variety of projects. Well there's another artist I work with named Dan, who I ask you all to check out.

He has a unique style using color and draws mostly sci-fi/military material. You can check out his drawings here on DeviantArt under the username Danc0414, or you can look at his facebook page here (which is updated more often than the DA account):….

I know he'd appreciate any views, comments, or likes, so please check him out!
So as you guys can probably tell, I've suddenly been extremely active on here the past few days. I figured I'd explain to you guys what all has been going on.

My good friend EmiTheInsane (found at gave me the idea of transferring my fanfictions over here. I therefore transferred the entirety of my most recent Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfiction "Co-Op Gaming" to this website. It is found in the folder marked "Co-Op Gaming" in my gallery and can be viewed and commented on.

In working with EmiTheInsane on the manga version of "The Nightmare Virus," I've also decided to post the chapters simultaneously with her updates. As she gets to each new chapter, I will post her concept artwork for the title page of the chapter as well as the full text of the chapter. This will all be found in its own folder in my gallery, aptly named "The Nightmare Virus."

Last but not least, I'll admit that I want to do something new and fun in concerns to writing, and I've always felt that character design and creation are my strongest points of writing. I decided to begin posting character concepts for you all to see in the hopes that it will get your minds jogging with ideas. You are free to use any of the designs, warping them for your own needs. I will also post tutorials concerning character design/creation from time to time for those who are having trouble, as I feel characters are the most important part of a story and therefore need to be explained and told well.

So yep, it looks like I'm going to be doing a lot more on here than I thought! I'm very excited to see where it all goes. :)
Well, the novel is about 2/3 of the way through, which means it is time to start seriously considering the act of publishing the manuscript.

For those who do not know, there are two types of publishing: self-publishing, and publishing houses, or traditional publishing. For my first novel, I went the self-publishing route, and I loved it. I had complete control over my product, it was published in less than a month, and it looked fantastic, exactly the way I wanted it to look. But there were two major downsides: it cost a lot more, and there was no marketing. It was all on me to market.

Traditional publishing subverts this. There is little cost, and marketing is almost entirely done by the publishing house (they want to make money too). However, you tend to lose control of the product via the line of editors, you don't get a choice in the way it looks, and it could take months or even years to finally be published (if they even accept you). There are guidelines to follow, and your product isn't simply yours.

I want to go the self-publishing route again, but this isn't a game anymore. I need this book to make a serious profit. And I'm really concerned that, by self-publishing, I won't make enough to make it seriously worthwhile. The package I would choose would probably range from $1000-$2000 dollars, meaning that, if I made $20/book (which is rounding up), I'd have to sell over 100 books to make a slim profit.

Now I would work my ass off to publicize this book, including posting on my blog and on here as well as asking to host several book signings. But eventually it would have to travel by ear by those I don't know. And that process scares me more than anything, thanks to my low self-esteem. I find it very hard to believe a mass amount of people would like my novel and tell their friends about it. I have to see that to believe that.

I don't know, what do you guys think? I really want to go the self-publishing route because I want the speed and control. But that requires taking a massive leap of faith. Do you guys think it would be worth it?
Hello everyone!

So the username is TeaCeremony, as everyone can see.

I joined this website because a good friend of mine is making a manga out of a fanfiction I wrote years ago. I really wanted to see her progress, and so I formed an account.

That being said, I love writing and enjoy finding new places to post my stories, ranging from fantasy to horror. I also like writing little blurbs on how I think writers can improve their writing.

So, I'm thinking of posting some fiction and/or writing advice on here. I know this website is mostly designed for artists, but I'm thinking of giving it a try.

If anyone has any tips on how I can go about getting started (since I admit to knowing next to nothing concerning this website), I'd greatly appreciate it!