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Project Wormhole: Episode 1 by TeaCeremony Project Wormhole: Episode 1 by TeaCeremony
Project Wormhole is a space fantasy adventure surrounding a woman whose code name is Angelus. She awakens in a body not her own on a lost, abandoned ship with two other individuals. The team are given no indication as to their real names or backgrounds; all they know is that, in order to return to a forgotten Home, they must find objects known as Equilibrium in order to create a wormhole leading back. Crash landing on the planet Sovium, the trio begin a treacherous journey that spans four worlds and leads them to question the ideas of space, time, and what Home really is.

This story is something fun that I started after playing and reading some serious science fiction. All ideas are, obviously, fictional, and any resemblances or similarities to real persons or places is purely coincidental. I also do want to note that these are my ideas, so please do not copy/paste/steal them.

I decided to post this as the .docx version, as changing it into html to fit DA's formatting was actually keeping me from enjoying the process of uploading. I figured, as long as it's posted, it should be good [though if you have trouble seeing or reading the document, please let me know!].

As always, thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this story. 

If you like my writing, please feel free to check out my home page here, where you can see my published works as well as current projects.

Also, please feel free to critique this or leave comments. I'm always looking to grow as an author, and constructive criticism is always appreciated. :) 
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