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Fossil Trainer

This is a new pokemon OC that I've been designing for myself.
She is a fossil specialist, who is interested in behaviours and customs of these fossil pokemon :) Her history is largely undecided for now, but it will be worked out. 
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This character is familiar-- is she in the spinoff of your pokemon series? Or you just made her.
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She's just one of my original trainer characters. :) 
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She look cool in this.. Nice. :D :)
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:eager: I would love to see her Bio at last as short info, because she got pretty Pokemon and nice outfit!

Not to mention, fossil Pokemon that appear in someone's team are usually those from Nuzlockes or in-game runs portaited in fanarts, so an OC with such looks outstanding in my eyes~
(I won't hide I am prehistory lover)
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Oh my GOSH you are one of my biggest artistic inspirations! 

I love fossil pokemon, they are probably my favorites... They're mysterious,
because they came from a time long ago, but they're also beautiful and 
unique. Plus I love dinosaurs so I had to create a character that reflected
that as well :p I will be updating her stuff, though, to better reflect what 
I want her to be!

Thank you so so much for taking the time to comment Q u Q