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shadow.o.t.colossus: In Shadow



Shadow of the Colossus is on the rather short list of things I completely fangirl over. And given the fact that I borrowed :iconlauraneato:'s PS2 just so I could finish it, I thought it about time that I draw some fanart. Even if it ended up pretty much the same as a lot of the other fanart that's already out there.

Relatedly, I finally beat it just yesterday. I had been stuck standing on the right hand of the final boss, apparently one shot of an arrow away from its vitals, for more than a year. Problem being that I don't own a PS2.

So anyway, now that I've actually seen the ending, I'm going to go draw some fanart of a completely different nature, because damn do I want to draw baby Wander.

Critique always welcome.
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Thats amazing, yet slightly scary. Instant favourite! :D