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Published: November 3, 2008
Shadow of the Colossus is on the rather short list of things I completely fangirl over. And given the fact that I borrowed :iconlauraneato:'s PS2 just so I could finish it, I thought it about time that I draw some fanart. Even if it ended up pretty much the same as a lot of the other fanart that's already out there.

Relatedly, I finally beat it just yesterday. I had been stuck standing on the right hand of the final boss, apparently one shot of an arrow away from its vitals, for more than a year. Problem being that I don't own a PS2.

So anyway, now that I've actually seen the ending, I'm going to go draw some fanart of a completely different nature, because damn do I want to draw baby Wander.

Critique always welcome.
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Thats amazing, yet slightly scary. Instant favourite! :D
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BorderlineCreep99Hobbyist General Artist
be careful agro!
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this pic LITERALLY describes the whole game, nice job bro ''THUMBS UPPPPPP''
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bagasuit091Hobbyist General Artist
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Music in my head started immediately upon seeing this.
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SkullCroosHobbyist Digital Artist
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mysophobiaHobbyist Traditional Artist
That video game is cool. I like this because how dark it is and it's eyes are blue.
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CatreuHobbyist General Artist
I love SotC!
And this drawing looks so awesome, omg @__@
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This appeared on the second page of 'all time' for colosus. The first page actually had sonic fanart in it. That is a crime against you and all of art.
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Sorry to be a grammer nazi but its colossus not colosus. So strange, the presence or absence of a single "S" can be the difference between awesome fan art and crappy sonic knock offs.
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I...I...could have sworn I fixed that typo before I posted it. Agreed.
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Templario999Student Traditional Artist
nice :D
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Wizard-AyalaHobbyist Traditional Artist
dude i luv this game! remember when you thought Agro died? i was crying!!!
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GreenMotionHobbyist Interface Designer
COOOOL!!!Really ^^, i'm a fan of this game, and you are my god xDDD.Congratulations!!!
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Klobb17Hobbyist General Artist
Amazing. Just... damn.
I don't recognize that big guy there, though. An original Colossus?
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dragonsyth1Student Digital Artist
Haven't played this much, not since I got a PS3, I beat like the first 4 bosses then got PS3 haven't played it since.
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Green-BeastHobbyist Digital Artist
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i luv the dark imposing mood of this picture, its truely epic!
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KuchikixRukiaStudent Artisan Crafter
i still have yet to beat it. i'm one away from the final boss. what did you have to do to beat it? i've been so busy i couldnt finish the game yet xD
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MonsterBrandProfessional Photographer
I've featured this here: [link]

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It's my favourite game in absolute !
And your work is excellent.
My compliments... :D
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