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Feudal Tales, 99cent edition

The "book cover" for Feudal Tales, 99cent Edition, a rauchy story featuring the sexy Higurashi-sama for the ladies :heart: and foxy Sesshie Taisho for the guys! :drool:
Competition entry for the Sess/Kag Gender Bender Contest.

References: Gender Bender References
<-- my sketches and the bamboo brushes for the shoji screen included.
I wrote a fictional book blurb for this one XD

During a trip to the Sacred Tree, Sesshie Taisho - the two hundred-year old daughter of the demon lord of western Japan - takes an accidental fall into the Bone Eater’s Well, a fickle time-portal to feudal Japan. It’s now up to her to find a way back to the future before she irrevocably changes the past. But can she abandon everyone to the mercy of the evil half-demon Naraku?

Or will she team up with a lecherous priest, a grouchy half-demon and a dashing feudal lord to stop the devil once and for all?
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woooow I love it! :D Brilliant idea
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Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. :D
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You did such a great job of transferring Kagome into a male, it seems that is harder to do then to turn Sesshoumaru into a female. Your storyline sounds good too.
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it was interesting trying to figure out which of kagome's traits to transfer into her male version (kindness for example) and which to assign to sesshoumaru's female version (schoolgirl alertness/energy ^_^) :D in the end i figured a feudal lord should be laid back and a bit flirty... for that time period he'd have everything he wanted :D
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I sort of want to read this now >.>, I can imagine thir positions switched of cours sesshie is still a demon. Both are very sexy
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thanks :D
I sort of imagine it starting as a humorous story and slowly developing into a full-blown romance... Though it would be hard not to write Sesshie into a Mary Sue. After all, demonic powers, cunning mind and strategic knowledge, drop dead gorgeous... kinda hard to write her with some believable character flaws. :D
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tyvm... nice to be able to get sexy when aiming for sexy :D
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