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Summer Breeze ~ Wallpack

Best mods I've ever made? :D (Big Grin)
Photos named as original Photographers, search them on Unsplash, except the Yosemite one.
Res: Mostly 5K

Enjoy. I am a dummy! 

Update: I added Tilt to Yosemite mod the last minute... with the wrong way Meow :3... I fixed it, made the cyan Nasa mod a little darker and I put one more mod.
Update 2: Last one, I promise =P (Razz) ... dropped exposure at the first one a little bit, replaced the surf wall with one without the blur down there and added a simple quick mod of the new Sierra wall. Also 42mb instead of 124mb, may was pointless, sorry.
© 2016 - 2021 Te0SX
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Great job, here is my new wall thanx
XxRadioactiveHeartxX's avatar
Could I use one of these as a background on my DA profile? 
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Of course, they are not even my shots, I just modified them a little bit. 
XxRadioactiveHeartxX's avatar
Ah, thank you! And excellent work to the photographers of these shots. Good job modifying though.
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Thanks for these wallpapers.
Te0SX's avatar
gieffe22's avatar
wow, some are really gorgeous
alex8908's avatar
I can feel the summer breeze in my laptop, when i use the walls! :D
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Summer  Cheers!:happy: 
That is amazing man!, thanks a lot!
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Great that you like! highfive 
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BEST of the best!
JR007's avatar
one word...KILLER!!!  :dance:

thanks so much!
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Happy that you like!w00t!  Hope they'll stick to your screen!! Also time comes for you to share a ss? 4 out of 5 dentists recommend brushing your teeth! 
JR007's avatar
i'm sure they will my friend!

haha, maybe soon...its a mess right now.  doh!
FahdNaeem-PK's avatar
OMG, I was actually waiting for one of the wallpapers in this pack and it's even better that the original! <3
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All of them are better than their original hihi :D (Big Grin)  For wallpaper use of course. Cheers.
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Nice! thanks for sharing.
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Great update. I don't know how you do it - but you do :)
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