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Well, you certainly are getting better at drawing guitars, what with the addition of strings and whatnot. It blends much better in the ...

This looks pretty good. I like how you used the shading to make it so they're both in the spotlight. Though I would suggest applying th...

Okay, my first critique. First of all, Powered Buttercup looks like she got ripped from the show! I know PPGZ style art is your thing b...


Story scene
A one-panel scene from any story, fanfic or otherwise. Also AU$2.61.
A comic of any scenario you want. The limit is 6 panels but any additional ones cost an extra 20 points. Also AU$4.89.
Character rotation
A rotation of any character to want me to draw, whether canon or OC (You could see the front back and sides). Also AU$3.26.
Character portraits
A portrait of any character you wish to be drawn by me, whether from an existing canon or an OC. For multiple characters at once, pay 10 points for every additional character. Also AU$0.65.

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My inksona
Yeah, I've broken my balls fiddling with Gmod and made myself an inksona. I'll call him Dinny. :) Anyway, if you'd like to see him in action, let me know. Otherwise, feel free to use him in your pics, just remember to credit me when you do so.

Bio will come later when I feel like it.

Dinny belongs to me. Don't steal!
Is Discord working for any of you? It doesn't seem to be for me.
What was your opinion of Star VS The Forces Of Evil Season 3?
1 deviant said Great.
1 deviant said Okay.
1 deviant said Crap.
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Wouldn't it be funny if during Turf Wars, Ranked Matches and Splatfests, any Inkling/Octoling could summon a boss from the single player campaign as a special weapon?
And here we have Ling-Ling, representative gymnast of Independence Day, specifically of the United States. You see, empires come and go over history and as imperial regimes recede, the conquered territories are let go; they become politically independent so to speak. Throughout the 17th and 18th centuries AD, the kingdom of England (later Great Britain) became one of the European powers to conquer much of the world. Some of its winnings included 13 colonies on the east coast of North America: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, North and South Carolina and Georgia.

Unlike the likes the Spain which pillaged the hell out of their colonies, Britain became rather apathetic, leaving the colonies to develop their own identities, and its wise men to develop political ideas of republicanism. By the time Britain started caring about the colonies, it was too little too late and the colonists saw it threatening their business and fought off the Brits. Eventually, the Crown caved and the colonies politically separated on July 2, 1776, but it would be another two days before the actual declaration was signed into law by Congress: hence, July 4, 1776.

Ling-Ling most of the time is a sore loser. She has asthma, Osgood-Schlatter disease, is short, bespectacled and clumsy and is a terrible singer. But if there's one thing she's really good at, it's gymnastics, specifically tumbling, as she likes to do the Layout-full and Punch-Front. She works best with loud music and flashy colours but doesn't like it if she gets stifled in any way. She tends to wear her hair in buns which is standard practice in gymnastics but they're in doubles. She also wears red/blue wrist bands and a black knee-brace on her right knee.

Lingbao Sheng belongs to DrMadison.



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8 Facts about Zach

Journal Entry: Mon May 21, 2018, 9:55 AM

Tagged by SleepyForecast 

1. Post These Rules.
2. Post 8 Facts About Your Character.
3. Tag 8 Other People; Post Their Avatars & Write Their OC's Names Next To Them.

Zach 2018 by tdwinnerfordinner

Here's 8 facts about my character Zach:

1. He's Tiffany's little brother at age 7. They are the best of friends.
2. While his sister loves Phys-Ed and Geography, he's kinda the polar opposite: excelling in maths and science but not very good on the field.
3. He likes to binge watch Minutephysics and got Tiffany into MinuteEarth on Youtube, showing her the more natural side the world.
4. He admires his sister so much and was so envious of her fitness, he tried on one of her swimsuits but got caught in the act. They laughed it off and now she coaches him.
5. He has his eyes on RMIT because he wants to be an engineer when he grows up. Good, because the rail network, though improving, is still bullsh*t.
6. He once made fanfiction involving the Loud Sisters in a Mario-like setting but has yet to upload it.
7. He's not very fond of cats because he's allergic to them. That's why the house has a dog.
8. He has Asperger's. Enough said.

And now to tag the following:
1. TD-Camper Ghost-Man
2. WonderWill7134 Dora
3. SleepyForecast Omelette
4. Lazbro64 Katy
5. LaptopGeek92 Candy and Floss
6. JenSunBeam Sam
7. smithandcompanytoons Cybrus


tdwinnerfordinner's Profile Picture
Kyle Hawkins
Stuff for you to know: I live in Perth, I studied Geoscience as a major at Monash University and was doing a Bachelor of Engineering at RMIT but it was cancelled and now I'm doing an engineering course at UWA, I have Asperger's Syndrome and I'm a huge Nintendo/Kingdom Hearts/FFXV/South Park fan. One thing to know about me is that when I see something I really like, I tend to obsess over it for days, if not weeks on end. :XD:

:iconrequestsask: :icontradesask: :iconcommissionsopen: :iconcollabsopen:

Link to my alternate account for educational content (or if I want to be away from this main account for some reason) if you so want: :iconsquidkid2015:.

Commission details:
One character - 40 points (+10 for each extra character) or AU$0.65
A character rotation - 200 points or AU$3.26
A comic - 300 points or AU$4.89
One scene from a story - 160 points (assuming I don't do so voluntarily) or AU$2.61
A one-shot - 400 points or $6.52

Yes, I've been inspired to accept Paypal payments. :)

I can do either my own original style or the KND style. Please, when you ask me for a request, art trade or commission, let me know what style you want.

Note: I won't do mature content very often. You can request it sure but the really saucy stuff will have to be emailed over. Also, do not ask me to draw sexualisations of child characters, that does not fly with anyone! And please do not throw 'autism' around as an insult. You might not intend it but it's still just outright discrimination against those on the autistic spectrum.

Another note: Due to the large amount of art trades and roleplays from one user over a relatively small time span, I am now limiting to taking offers of these things to once per user per week. Violation of this new rule will be blocked for a whole month and be deemed harassment. Though I can start art trades myself as much as I want.

(Request) Blocked #8: I DON'T WANT UR APOLOGY. by World-Hero21 I can't take you seriously if you use insults. by World-Hero21 It's called being fed up with whiners. by World-Hero21 If I'm a troll to you, DON'T FEED ME. by World-Hero21

Unpopular opinion: misanthropy is for 4 kinds of people only: pussies, corrupt corporate executives, power hungry dictators and jihadists of any religion.

In fact, go visit this user if you want: AmericanDreaming. Very informative.


Journal History

What was your opinion of Star VS The Forces Of Evil Season 3? 

1 deviant said Great.
1 deviant said Okay.
1 deviant said Crap.
1 deviant said What?


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