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Chip of The Heart - Vday Event Chip



Type: event item
Love in the air
50% bonus to collab pieces per chip owner in a collab

If you have this chip, please state as much in your picture description when you are submitting a collab to make sure it isn't overlooked!


Those who can add this chip to their character's sheets are:


Reli-canth ( Maddie)

Ryua ( Yuto )

lambae ( Jack)

meraxa ( Justin )

Superdemon-Inuyasha ( Julian and Kallen )

auralize ( Beau )

ShadowsByDay ( Cillian)

D-mon13 ( Nika )

XxSkittlesCatxX ( Vivi )

toybunny333 ( Aqua )

Aerypear ( Rata )


(If Anyone has been missed - member or character - please let us know and we will update it! Thank you! )

Prize for all those who participated on the "Broken Heart and an Arrow's Cry" 2019 V-day event

Credits to: Aerypear
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