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Elenor Seahawk Reference Sheet



This is a reference sheet for my main villain in the MMORPG City of Villains. The sheet itself is composed in the free open-source program Paint.NET v3.0.

Original image: 1280 x 1024 png.

Character bio:
I am Elenor Seahawk, I am the youngest daughter of the dreaded pirate Seahawk, who roamed these seas 300 years ago. My father owned a couple of identical blue diamonds, known as the "Blue Twins".

One night the diamonds were stolen by a man so insidious and hell-cursed that not even Lucifer would know of him, should he ever die. The scoundrel not only stole the diamonds, but he also made my older sister with child. The dirty rotten bastard slunk away into the night, like the snake he was, with the twins, while my sister pined away in sorrow.

Then came the day when my sister gave birth, but her labor was hard, and in the end both her and the baby died. My father, madden with grief hunted down Raven, as the worm-spawn was named, and cursed him to serve the family until a Seahawk was able to forgive him.

I turned my abilities towards the dark arts, and managed to prolong my life through a deal with dark forces. Raven will suffer for his crimes ... for ever.
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