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By tDub248
A piece done to explore some moody lighting, epic story, and capture a bit of what comes to my mind when I think about really awesome fantasy. :)
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 "Well your grovelling has improved, I admit, but your tribute needs something Seriously Shiny - have you cavemen discovered metallurgy yet?":D (Big Grin) 

 (In all fairness this is a thoroughly excellent piece of work and genuinely feels as though something impossibly larger-than-life is about to Happen). 
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:) exactly! thank you!
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 Thank You for posting your work to be appreciated!;) (Wink) 
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Wow! This is a great painting. You've done a great job with the lighting, and every figure is excellent. This is my idea of awesome fantasy as well. It makes me wonder what other exciting things are in the fantasy world this painting depicts. 
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thank you! I'm glad to hear it inspires your imagination to think on what else is there? :)