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Diana of Themyscira - Wonder Woman

By tDub248
Diana of Themyscira. I loved the Wondor Woman film and it pulled her into a more believable world rooted in legend. So I was inspired to do a variation, setting Diana in the real age of legend, the age the ancient Greeks told stories about – the world of the Mycenaeans! I love the Bronze Age; it’s such a weird age of tribal battles mixed with organized warfare and out of that has some just bizarre and fascinating looks. I toned that down quite a bit for this so that it stays true to both the film WW (the amazing Gal Gadot) and even the original (stars on the skirt and gauntlets). 
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 This might well be my very favourite design for Wonder Woman; I normally tend to believe that Diana looks best with relatively light armour (if only because this allows an artist to visibly "up-gun" the character when some especially major threat crops up) and a look more reminiscent of a modern Olympic athlete (to help her read more "Superhero" than "Epic Fantasy"), but I really do love the way you've been able to balance those details from History with her classic look!Nod   
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 Thank You very kindly for posting your work to be appreciated.Nod 
Gorgeously done
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Seriously a breath taking design
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Thank you! glad you enjoyed it!
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