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Tagged by crystalline-shadow

#1. Post these rules.
#2. Post 8 random facts about your character.
#3. Tag 8 other creators.
#4. Post their OC's name along with their creator's name/avatar.

(this oc is preeeeetty old and i bought it from  queen-paradise)


1-  Ariana has 19 years old and her birthday is on May 13th

2- Her family is from U.S but she lives in England

3- She hates sushi and chicken but loves broccoli

4- She loves everything that is from expensive stores

5- Her favourite color is pink and purple

6- when she was a kid , a dog bit her in her right leg

7- Her father is owner of 2 fitsness center and she hates doing sports

8-  For a weird reason she hates weddings

I tag:

Makushi23- Zeke
ValerieThePunkGirl- Paul
x-Hachiko-x- Bell
Hannah-13-Baker - Selena
MustacheSkulls- Devorah
KockiesNKreem- Pinkee
Sylph-of-Dreams- Kaylee