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Fallout NV: Y-17 Trauma Suit

This is a Y-17 Trauma Override Harness from FO:NV's Old World Blues. These have such a classic 1950's science-fiction look to them. I love it.

No idea why I made him sit in a chair, but I think the Renaissance look that this illustration has: is pure awesomeness. Very inspiring stuff.
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Always reminded me of that one astronaut-zombie ghost from Scooby-Doo.

Figures for a cyber-zombie in an astropunk, life support suit that resembles a 50's space voyager outfit.

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"Hey! Who turned out the lights?"
Actually-A-Shotgun's avatar
I have played this game for 3 years and these things still scare the shit out of me.
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"Hey who turned out the lights"

Got to love Wild wasteland 

Awesome , if a little unpleasant, enemy, always wished they had gloves in game though like you painted here , great artwork on your part.
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Are you my mommy?
echris56's avatar
"No mummies here. Nobody here but us chickens. Well, this chicken."
thiagorulez's avatar
So awesome. These guys creep the hell out of me. Rattlin' all over the place.
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Tough to beat at higher levels but badass drawing 
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Who turned out the lights?(courtesy of wild wasteland :) )
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looks like a 50's spaceman skeletor. MEYHHH!
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So much for sleeping tonight.
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this thing scared the shit out of me in game. Looks like a necromancer's work than a research disaster.
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i love the art on this

i just hate those things with a passion hard to kill and scary 

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"Hey, who turned out the lights?!"
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... No... No no no no no no no! Not that!! The nightmares are coming back!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
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He's just smiling, because he knows that if you kill him, the 20 or so that followed you will finish the job he started.
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"Who turned out the lights?"
Megafoxy's avatar
The first time I saw one of those I jumped out of my chair. XD I swear one of them spoke to me. D:
SIERRA-116's avatar
Of all the forms of "undead" in the Fallout Games, these are by far the worst. Tough, packing serious firepower, and being freaking bones in a suit!
FearlessFoil's avatar
Skeletor, in all his glory!!
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Hey, who turned out the lights
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