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Destiny Warlock

Commission for :iconyapok1492:
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Awesome color, and lighting. Really gets the mood of mars.
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do you mind is I use this for my playlist cover on 8tracks? I'll put a link the description. :)
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Awesome artwork! :D
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I know I left the keys around here somewhere
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Warlocks need more love, hunters and Titans get all the good stuff like that Lupi armour, I hope they decide to realse more stuff for warlocks
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Warlocks can come back from the dead. They don't need fancy-schmancy armor
Tyrannuss555's avatar
I know but I wish the armour was more like a cape
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Warlock's armor fits them :3 it looks kind of like a mage/ witch robe XD
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That's amazing... Is it possible if I could use this as a logo?
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It's a commission that someone paid the artist to have them do specifically for them, why would you ask something like that?
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You would think the Cabal would have slugged this guy by now?
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this game is so amazing... 
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Every time I grab me ghost out, I say "GHOST DO YAH STUFF!"
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This piece really touch my inner-heart :)
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some would see it as the key, some would say its a weapon, others said it was the first step on the path to redemption, but as for me its just another day on the job. "tosses the grenade and it locks onto the target around the corner and it latches on. it beeps four times then a red light flashes and it blows"
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the countdown begins ... is already started
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Awesome!! Clap 
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The choice of color here is excellent :D
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Thanks TDSpiral, love it!
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