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hey, kids!

it's nearly 10 years since The Dark Knight exploded onto our screens and the Joker and Harley Quinn infected my brain. i've created this group hoping to revive some Nolanverse nostalgia.

part of the fun of the early days of fandom was speculating how our favourite cartoon/comic book henchgirl might fit in on the big screen alongside Heath Ledger's anarchist clown. who would play her? what would she wear? how would they tell her story? how would the Joker/Harley dynamic work on film? the fancasting, the costume designs, the Brittany Murphy-vs-Kristen Bell wars...

with the popularity of Margot Robbie's Harley and a Gotham City Sirens project in the works, i wanna do my bit to keep the memory of hypothetical-Dark-Knight-Harley alive. so this here is a place to collect and showcase the best Dark Knight-themed Harley Quinn fan art out there. there isn't much of it around these days, but hey... maybe with a little imagination and persistence, we can change that ;)


digital art, traditional art, photomanipulation, cosplay — anything created to bring Harley into the Nolanverse
✓ TDK!Joker/Harley couple fan art
✓ general TDK-themed fan art that includes Harley
✓ Margot Robbie-as-Harley is fine, as long as she's wearing a TDK-inspired outfit (or some realistic variation on her classic jester suit)
✓ i'll also accept and request alternate designs that aren't necessarily intended specifically for The Dark Knight universe, if i think they look like they'd fit in that kind of realistic world :)


✘ Suicide Squad!Harley in her default costume
✘ Jared Leto Joker 🤢
✘ Arkham Asylum videogame Harley
✘ New 52 Harley
✘ cartoon-style art of classic BtAS Harley :( lord knows i love her, but this isn't the place for that version of the character. realistic/grungy variations of the jester suit more than welcome
✘ anything i deem to be non-Dark Knight related

join up, submit your stuff, spread the word and have a blast 💣

thanks for stoppin' by!

— rkp
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well, hello, beautiful

ok, so i just created this group like an hour ago and went to fill up the gallery and favourites with beautiful gorgeous artwork... aaaaand deviantART tells me i can only fave/submit up to 10 deviations a day. i can't figure out how to change the setting (if you can??) so until i figure it out, i can't send automatic requests. if you're here because i've commented on your art requesting you submit it, and then you see a really similar or near-identical-looking comment on another artist's work, it's 'cause i've been smashing the ol' copy & paste buttons inviting people to submit their designs. i'm not a monster. i'm just ahead of the curve.




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