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My Jewellery feature movie debut is showing tonight!! Checkout 'Acolytes' on channel 9 at 9.30pm, directed by Jon Hewitt and staring Joel Edgerton and Michael Dorman.
A few years back I was commissioned to design and make about 20 pieces for the movie... they included - this Tiger Belt Buckle (as seen on my website -…), which is worn by Michael Dorman's character plus all of his other jewellery, his dogs ID tag!, and all of the body piercing jewellery that you can see on the kids.
Well the wait is finally over, my new and updated website has just been launched! Checkout it out and let me know what you think, feedback is welcomed.

For those who are looking for last minute Christmas gifts, this is the place to go! I have lots of pieces in stock.

More groups and images will be added soon, so feel free to check back regularly to see the updates.

Thanks to Mark at Livestate Activemedia for all his help and patience (, and also my beautiful wife for all her support.  

You can also follow me on Twitter, deviantART and of cause Facebook.
Christmas is coming and I will be taking Christmas Orders until the 10th of December. So get your orders in quickly!