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Got tagged again, this time by :iconthe-misfit-toy:

So, I've gotta post 10 things about myself (and then tag 10 more unlucky souls ;))....

1. I moonlight as El Tedd in the monster-fighting group Los Locos.

2. My wife got me a killer Ryan Howard jersey for Christmas.

3. I've got a 24" computer screen at work, it's like working in IMAX!

4. I listened to the Muppet Movie Soundtrack record so much as a kid that I warped it and my parents had to buy me a new one.

5. The first CD I ever bought was Aerosmith: Live Bootleg.

6. My first real pet of my own was a little white mouse named Dixie (named after the Pixie & Dixie cartoon).

7. The one movie that makes me cry is My Dog Skip.

8. My first real job was working in the produce department of a local supermarket.

9. I burned my arm real bad on a grill playing badminton once (I put my arm on it swinging back to hit the birdie). :blush:

10. I was born during the snow scene in Rocky II where Rocky kisses Adrian at the Philadelphia Zoo. I like to think my coming into the world brought on the snow. :D

I'm tagging:


Sorry if I've tagged you before!
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Dood, I think my first CD was an Aerosmith one as well, LOL!