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Warphawks - Stormshrike Fighter

By TD-Vice
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Promised some tech for my Chaos Renegade, tech-savvy IG-regiment, the Xanthian Warphawks? Aaand done. Real fast work, but I sacrificed rendition for speed, since more vehicles are to come.

Obviously inspired by my fav fighter jet ever, the Su-37/47 Berkut. Warhammerized it to hell. Dontcha wish GW made something like this? Not in your lifetime tho. But, one can dream of a proper Chaos Guard.

Comments and opinions are always highly welcome and encouraged)
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Atleast it's not a flying brick. :P
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Good to see a Renegade Guard not getting their assess kicked by "Spessh Mahreens!"
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What kind of internal weapons does it have? Lascannons, Autocannons? The picture inspired me to make some house rules for it.
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Didn't GW promise the release of a Lost and Damned Codex sometime in the near future?
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Looks like something you'd see screaming around the Sabbat battlegrounds.

It's great to see concepts for individualized 40k warbands, especially the somewhat underrepresented renegade IG.
I eagerly anticipate your continued works with this regiment.  Between this and the Blightraven, the Warphawks appear to be packing some serious firepower.
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If you recreate it in 3D and can get ahold of a 3D printer, ou CAN indeed play it in Warhammer, thanks to the vehicle construction rules.
Though it will probably get quite expensive to 3D-print something that big, your fighter will probably outgrow a Thunderbolt.
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Yeah, plus my 3D-modeling skills arent up to snuff.
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And hiring someone would only increase cost :nirvana:
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Looks like a chaos Viratech.
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That would make an awesome Decepticon fighter. Love it <3
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This is great work . Make this plane shoot down a Imperial-ized version of a F - 22 for the lulz : ) 
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I think, by rule, GW would have to ruin the design with spikey bits and ornamentation that take away from the vehicle's integrity.

Imperial stuff is boxy, Tau is mecha-anime, Necron is boring...etc...

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nice Warhammering ;O ,try to draw Mil MI-24 next time
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It shouldn´t have visible bolts and smooth like a razor, after all the Xanthians are technologically superior, far less sloppy in their work than the snivelling servants of the false Emperor.


Still, the half-starved pilots of the Imperium knows their metal boxes are their coffins when they go against such fighters.

Of course, they pray, beg the Emperor to save their worthless hides but their fighters are still burned to vapour, sending their souls the Daemons of the warp, lol!

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how the fuck do you draw so well, TD :stare:
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Practice and practice
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Loving the style you're giving the Warphawks, and probably my favourite thing about this pic is it doesn't look like it'd require too much work to convert an IG Valkyrie into one of these. The wings, tail fins and engines of the model would just need moving around a bit and some extra support, and all any avid modeller would have to worry about is the cockpit. Did you plan this, you sneaky bugger?

Top notch as always TD, keep it up.
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Great design.
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There's a wee bit of both Valkyrie and Stormraven in this, but it is still clearly it's own thing. Personally not too keen on the cannons by the intakes. A meatier, more powerful beak and mounting the guns there would make it look more balanced in my eyes. I like the missiles on the wings, make sense and look good. 

Also, a sensible amount of Chaos iconography, having it integrated in design/colours instead of LOL!Imperialvehiclewithspikes! 

Clean for being done so fast. 

Also, what size would this be compared to say... a Stormraven? 
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It´s always awesome to see the steps until you are ready. :)
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This was rather fast for me.
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I know I annoy you, but can you draw a biomechanical snake?

I am sure you are the best to do this!

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