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Slakemoth concept

By TD-Vice
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Slakemoth from Tom China Mievill's "Perdido Street Station" book.

This thing sucks souls out.
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Oohhhh, the colours are JUST gorgeous!!!<3333
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Great depiction! Very close to how I imagined the Slakemoth. Those wings are hypnotizing!
This is by far the best rendering of the Slake-Moth I have seen
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Ooh, this is awesome, better than whatever I was imagining. (Just finished the book and browsing DA for fanart, glad I found this!)
Synthomatic's avatar
I never imagined the Slakemoth like this, i always thought it would be much more Insect-Like, akin to a giant moth. but i think your version fits as well. good job.
plasmapivot's avatar
Looking at the wings is trippy. And the head kind of looks like Venom's from Spiderman.
Crazygoblin21's avatar
Looks like a Byakhee crossed with an Alien and rainbows, kind of. [link]
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what an interesting design
StrangeClockwork's avatar
I'm loving that stringy form and position, as well as the sexy colours that mould together so well in his wings, tail, and tongue. And the sharp points. Can't forget them sharps. What a beautiful fucking soul-sucker. Gotta read his book now.
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Torture-Device, why you so cool?
KittyTheSilence's avatar
hell yeah hypnotic wings @____@... and tongue))
exellent dear!
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Alexiwolf's avatar
Really cool. I love this design. I want to wear it on a shirt.
SirXeno's avatar
Heh thats pretty sweet looking.
Silenstvi's avatar
Its colouring reminds me of the Base Wing in Panzer Dragoon Orta.
Very nice!!
Taytonclait's avatar
I remember you mentioning this book. Perfect, as I need something new to read.
ManoAlada's avatar
" It then extends a slimy tongue into the mouth or other orifices of the victim, into the brain, and suck out the mind."
it sounds painful.
Valgaror's avatar
Wings are definitely fukken hypnotic. Can imagine the patterns changing like oil on water. Different than usual stuff - looks awesome.
Nightbringer24's avatar
I need to find this guys books. They sound cool.
Also, after reading the wiki entry on them, 'dreamshit'? Sounds a bit like something you would say.
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