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This comic is a tribut to all the self-critisizing, modest, honest, true and humble artists on dA, that know that their work is utter and absolute... gold :D


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Now, while most people will simply bitch and moan about how the various and sundry members of the Great Unwashed on dA ruin the community or show themselves to be worthless skinbags, =torture-device goes the extra mile and makes a rather pointed exposition of the situation. This comes in the form of a neat, easy-to-follow comic strip.

However, unlike other artists who've made comics, =torture-device doesn't bank on making himself look good. Actually, it's pretty much the furthest thing from his mind in this.

All he shows in this is what he sees from x deviant bunghole (interpret that phrase as you will) and how he reacts to it. Albeit you don't see his face plastered on the news for ripping some Turd McMuffin's soft, pliable face to shreds with his bare hands, but Dobby says semantics aren't important so I'll just conveniently agree with that.

The man has depicted here the runofthemill lowly deviant member, which is a self-abasing, self-deprecating, self-loathing pile of self-entitlement. From =torture-device's point of view, there is some inherent quality about people like this that makes you want to murder the absolute shit out of them.

You could call it "passive aggression", you could call it "contentious behavior", or "egotism"- hell, you could prolly just call it "lack of redeeming values". I think it's a bit more simple than that: whining.

Lots and lots of whining. Unabating, constant, no-holds-barred lines upon lines upon lines of arrogant, self-impressed rhetoric that enriches nothing and degrades the quality of the community.

In summary, a parasitic personality.

And anybody who's been around on dA for long has met a couple hundred of these hare-brained buggering monkey fucks. Prolly 80 percent of the people who stand to read this critique and view the above comic are of that particular charming dA demographic.

But enough about the critic's monolithic interpretation of the subject matter.

=torture-device has made a point, and he made it good, all without being a cunt.

This is respectable. If you don't respect it, I'll daresay it's because you're a worthless human being.

The technique and style of the artist lends a rough quality to the lineart that keeps from being the confusing avante-garde bullshit you're used to seeing for underground (sorta) artists. While the artist did copypaste his comic persona, he doesn't rely on it- and the focus is on the social reject on the left, anyways.

Originality is a bit of a mixed bag here; the artist, while being fresh by not being a douche, is stile complaining. Personal touches aside, it's still a crabby dispensation on people the artist loathes.

As for impact, the stats are the proof in the pudding. A lot of people have seen this, and I can bet you most of them didn't like this. It's a to-the-point, I-don't-give-a-fuck-about-you-people statement.

What the artist intended to do with this piece is in some ways uncertain. Did he think about what he was trying to accomplish with this comic? Did he consider the impact it would have? Was he trying to commiserate or simply vent? Was he just inspired to draw this due to experience and whim, or did some random doorknob rub him the wrong way offensively enough to merit public flogging? I dunno. But this comic is awesome-ish for the caustic lens through which the world of dA is shown.

I give this a humble 3 1/2 for being casually acerbic and unapologetic.
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It's been really quiet since we've seen any drama lately. 
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is true ur art sucks Problem? 
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A really nice comic - short, catchy and to the point. :)
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To be honest, I'm no Leonardo daVinci, but at least I try. Plus, this made my day. 
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ok that's hilarious.
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RIGHT-O! I love that part XD
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im like tht and then my friends like "you can draw" and then she takes nine hours trying to draw something and im like "ur right i can draw, but if you try you can be as good as me" then my friend gives me the :iconwthplz: face
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That was amusing, I gather this applies to thousands of people on this site. I also had a look at the gallery of one of the profiles shown in the comic. I... shall refrain from commenting on the quality of his work.
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Well played! Those people can be annoying after all.
I mean the annoying ones abot I -my art sucks- followed by a 'I DONT NEED HELP'
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I share your feels...*nods head*
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Now where have I seen this before?
ah yes ~ [link]
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I empathize with your feeling.
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This made me laugh so hard!XD
Man, you are AWESOME!))
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When I say my art sucks, it's because I know it does. *shrugs* Mainly, it's the anatomy. I haven't improved enough as an artist yet, and I know that. Yet some people still insist on telling me 'my art doesn't suck.'

Admittedly, I haven't gotten anything new up in a while, and I do think I have improved since my early years.

But that doesn't mean I want people to coddle me and tell me my art is amazing. Especially when I know it's not.

Maybe I'll get there eventually. But if the only replies on my art are 'DON"T SAY THAT UR ART IS GR8!1!!'... Well, let's just say I'm never gonna get there from those type of comments.

Alright, I'll stop being so stupidly serious now. Bye.
Question for you. Have you taken infulence from the hellsing manga?
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At some point.
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So you Do give critique? It would be good to know acctually.
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XD lmao , Critic's are awsome they help soo bloody much , If It wasnt for people giving me random cririt'c Id be...XD even worse than I am
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Hahaha, this is pure win!
At least some of us appreciate your critic, I can honestly say that thanks to the things you've showed me I have improved greatly! :dance:
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i hate people like that i mean really that's just fishing for someone to disagree with them
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