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Sundays with El's Dad
"And then he said he could protect me. It was rather sweet, if entirely misplaced," she grins to herself as she sets her coffee cup on its saucer.
He rolls his eyes, "Hrmph. Do you know he is exactly as terrible as those boys of his? Even went so far as to evade one of my reapers. Tessa says Monroe wouldn't stop complaining for days."
Her smile grows slightly, "But, did Monroe really expect anything less than an absolute fight out of Bobby Singer? That man wouldn't know peace if it bit him on the ass."
Sighing, he nods his agreement. "I do believe he'd rather hoped it would be less trouble than it was.  Do try one of the bear claws," he tilts his head toward the white paper bag on the coffee table, "They're from a delightful hole in the wall bakery in Vermont. Baked fresh every morning."
"You know I don't need donuts, why do you insist on bringing junk food with you to these coffee dates?" She gives a token protest, but he simply watches her expectantly.  Not one to di
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ten rounds with love
If love is a fist fight
then youloving is the knucklesmash against my heart
and lovingyou is the bruise that never fades
it can't fade
so long as the knucklesmash taps a beat
the bruise is whole
and by now I know the thump smack slam
of youloving
like it's the back of my own hand
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taken it to the end
There is no obligation here
You've everything
I have to give
my dear
And maybe that's the part
you'll never be able to stand
I'm not here
never here because I have to
only because I want to
only ever
I've only ever wanted
to gift you everything you've wanted
and I've only ever needed
to know you'll be okay
We're saints that don't need finding
we're sinners never lost
We're takin' this out to the end of the highway
And we already know the cost
Maybe all I ever wanted
was to be the devil
that you
The one that lives
inside of you
cuz I can't get any closer
than underneath your skin
and inside your words
will always be
the best place
ever been.
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these better be
These better be the hard years
This better be what you expect
me to endure
for my moments' peace
I won't be doing this
Years from now
I won't try to hang on
If all you're ever going to do
Is insist we stay apart.
You may as well
Collect your pound of flesh
On the front end
Cause it won't be there
When you get back
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Mature content
lines that bind :icontcwordsmith:tcwordsmith 1 2
Mature content
the things I miss :icontcwordsmith:tcwordsmith 1 0
We've all got problems (but I can name mine)
The problem with you
Is in your impermanence
Like feathers
Or cracked glass
Or sand that's been windswept
You're not here long
The problem with me
Is in my promisewords
My heartsong
My calling you homesound
And tattooed
And soulhusker
But the problem
The problem with us
Is in how
I wanted so much
And we loved so hard
And you left so soon
And it took all of that
Plus three months
To realize
I always wait too long
If I'd called you heartsong
Or homesound
Or tattooed or soulhusker
Would you have been craggy mountain ranges
And sunrises
And windwhispers?
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Thunder Subtle
You look like the type of person who's used a rotary phone
Found a place to safely rest even when no one thought you deserved a home
Someone who knows what life might be
Even if no one can know what it is
And you look like someone, just like someone
Who looks a little like me
You've got a
Subtlety like thunder
Brash booms so big they rock the house
To and fro like a homespun tornado
Whipping up a frenzy of leaves
--and squirrels
Thrashing about like the tantrum having whirl
Winds through the trees and over the meadows
Never knowing which way they should blow
Out like a candle on a cupcake
Lonely in the dark, no others to drip warm wax
Onto cool stickysweet icing
Like in the night
When the monsters erupt from the shadows in the
Corners of the room
They touch everywhere not reached by the not-
Moon hanging high in the sky and on the wall
Wonder if it falls
How it falls
If it falls like the rain
Friend to the thunder, cousin of lightning
We crash
Like thunder subtle notes of wonder
In the
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Mature content
Too Bright, Too Brittle, Stretched Too Thin :icontcwordsmith:tcwordsmith 0 0


Candy Vampire by MadGeneticist
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