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Organization XIII TC style

A submission, wow!

Ok, lets see... I guess my doing this one was a bit of a given, seeing as I did the Heartless symbol in my style a while back, so this one was kind of coming along eventually. Finally got around to doing it ^^; It should be noted I suppose that this is the Nobodies symbol as well.

Not much to say about it, I like how it came out, though I had a heck of a time getting the balance to not look too akward... the left arm was originally much lighter, more tiny branches and such. I had to fill in the top part of it to make it look reasonable. The other solution would have been swapping the ends of the top and right arms, but that would have been too much effort. So nuts to that!

Scan looks different since theres now a much better scanner in the house. Just shows the little stuff more, so.... yeah ^^;

EDIT: Fixed the title so it actually said XIII.... thats what I get for posting right before sleep =(
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Do you mind if I use this on a forum of mine?