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Organization XIII TC style

By TCthePooka
A submission, wow!

Ok, lets see... I guess my doing this one was a bit of a given, seeing as I did the Heartless symbol in my style a while back, so this one was kind of coming along eventually. Finally got around to doing it ^^; It should be noted I suppose that this is the Nobodies symbol as well.

Not much to say about it, I like how it came out, though I had a heck of a time getting the balance to not look too akward... the left arm was originally much lighter, more tiny branches and such. I had to fill in the top part of it to make it look reasonable. The other solution would have been swapping the ends of the top and right arms, but that would have been too much effort. So nuts to that!

Scan looks different since theres now a much better scanner in the house. Just shows the little stuff more, so.... yeah ^^;

EDIT: Fixed the title so it actually said XIII.... thats what I get for posting right before sleep =(
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Do you mind if I use this on a forum of mine?
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been years and im STILL glad i got this tattoo. And I ALWAYS throw anyone who comments on your art to your page. Keep on rockin them out!
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Would it be okay if I used your design as a necklace for one of my KH OCs? It would be colored metalically and be on her choker. I was going to just use the regular Organization XIII symbol but this would be WAY cooler
FenrirChoosenOne's avatar
This is epic dude :D
I'll use it to screen print my clothes, 'kay? :love:
Hey love this! i am getting this on my right arm with "i am what i am" in Latin.
thanks for the drawing. i'll send you a picture when it is done
looooooooooooove it
it looks amaaaaaaaaaaaazing
Reduxist's avatar
That'd be a nice tat...
In fact, I'd probably want it on my forearm!
stripeydani's avatar
Haha I might actually get this on my lower back if I may? Its a lovely design!
DemyxwillLive's avatar
hey if i ever get a tattoo, could i use that? I think I saw that on a leg a real long time back before I got an account. I think this was the same design but either way it's awesome! I really want one! Would i have any sort of creative license like changing the color or something??
TCthePooka's avatar
If you want to get it done on you, feel free. But if they ask who did it, you send them my way, right? :D

As for changing the colour... I don't really see how it would look better but thats strictly an opinion. If you want a different colour, by all means. You're the one thats gonna be stuck with it after all :P
ZeRoLiTe-Xx's avatar
Hey i wanted to say that this is amazing, and i used the design as a tattoo on my leg, and it fits perfectly! i have the design rendered how the way i want it done on me, but i have to give you amazing kudos for this design. i fell in love with it and i had to get it done. its only outlined at the moment, but it iwl lbe finished soon enough.

Anyone asks, i'll be definently refering you as the original artist :D
TCthePooka's avatar
I'm glad you liked it so much :D

If you could send a pic of it when it's done, I'd appreciate it. I'd like to see how it turns out for you.
vexensfanboy's avatar
Oooooo... crafty! Love this piece!
TCthePooka's avatar
Mustaheart's avatar
Dude, if I got tattoo that was of KH nature, I'd use yours and probably stick it on my back. ^_^ (Granted, though, I already have a design I'm planning on having get -- and, er, it already spans the entirety of my back so I'd have to put yours somewhere else. Maybe a random limb.)

Oh! hey, if you can do something with the KH Heart itself, I'd use that one. I think that'd be awesome if you did the same thing you did here for the KH Heart
halfdemondog's avatar
wow, that's incredible! I love it <3
L33TLargo's avatar
check my page to see my pics.
I think it turned out rather nice.

I think I will put this on more things!
L33TLargo's avatar
well...looks like I was the guy who did it...yep, I got it as a tattoo.

major kudos on the detail and design work.

and of course I gotta refer ya when people ask.
all credit to you, seriously.

awesome work.
TCthePooka's avatar
I was wondering how long till someone did, actually.

Glad you liked it though. Cuz now you're stuck with it forever! Or until you can afford that lazer thing they use to remove tatts <_<
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i think im going to get that done ... the only question is where. Hehe
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S*** Man!
This is so freakin' nice, dude!
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