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A New Breed: Book 2: Chapter 07

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And we're back again with another chapter. Amusingly this is perhaps the shortest chapter of the book so far (save for the prologue of course), clocking in at 9.7K words. Yes there are larger chapters, the largest I've written (a later chapter still being edited) is a whopping 15K words. Of course I'm still nowhere close to what Somber somehow cranks out every two weeks, who when I asked averages about 30K words a chapter. I've got a ways to go before I hit that methinks.

Anyway, enjoy! And as always, comments are welcome and encouraged.

- Polecat

G-Doc link: [link]
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>“Silent but deadly”
-The title... oh, that title...

>“The whole ninja thing is a bit difficult to swallow…”
-You have ponies running around that can sneeze fire and that sort of things... I don't think a 'stealthy ninja' would be a hard thing to believe.

>“Did you…?”
>“See him off to the afterlife?”
-Wait... what ? Did I missed a chapter somewhere ? A crossover-reference with another story ?

This... sounds familiar. I have heard this in another story... but, I could swear, from a different author.

>“I do hope you told them to sit on your horn…”
-Huh... ... ...I read enough stories, of all sorts *cough*, to guess the meaning of this. Pretty sure. With the horn and all...

>The Senate is, as always, deadlocked and undecided
-*shake fist* Damn you Senate ! The bane of your existence in Civilization, if you chose Democracy for your government... that's why I always chose Communism.

>“More curves should not include a second chin,” Clockwork responded,
-Exactly. More or less. It depends... (I will say nothing more without the presence of my lawyer... <_< ... >_> )

>As for you, Miss Zero,
-Wait ? When did Key learned the name of the assassin ? I don’t recall her telling her name to Key, in a previous chapter ?

>Another portal appeared behind Apple Bloom, and a bucking hoof caught her square in the back.
>The unknown mare used her portals with supernatural precision
>she struck at Apple Bloom from every angle, often from multiple directions at once, sending the elderly mare reeling… usually right into another attack.
-As much as the ''fight'' is somewhat interesting... the ''overpowered'' impression I am getting from the 'Zero' pony isn't exactly a welcome thing, let's just say...

>“Princess, she took both of us without breaking a sweat. I don’t know who this mare is, but she’s beyond skilled.
-Nobody likes overpowered show-off... who don't break AT LEAST a sweat...

>I didn’t even know we were omnivorous until Skillet convinced me to try a few dishes.”
-*Shrug* I suppose this is as good an explanation as any.

... Verdigris is quite the nice little girl, young gryphoness, mini-griffin girl ? Anyway, she's a nice little character ...


Well, it was an interesting chapter... 'Zero' (whose name, I'm somewhat sure, was ONLY told once during the 'Bad Guy Society' moment, in last chapter), in this chapter, left quite a strong impression of being ''heavily/overly overpowered'', even if it MAY have been partially intended (maybe there was a bit too much 'emphasis' on her being super-duper-hyper-supra-mega good and all, you know ?)...

Also, for some reasons, I feel like playing one of the Civilization games..?
Also #2 : [link]
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TCPolecat7Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Mwahaha. Dat title. :)

I dunno. Most people can believe specials, but Ninjas only exist in fantasy. ;)

No. This is a carry-over from last book actually (Where Celestia personally saw out Pyre and the souls of the Mane 6). Thus I've decided it's part of the Princesses duties to see out the souls of those who pass. Tho gryphons are usually a bit out of their jurisdiction, Celestia made a special case. No idea if it's referenced in another story tho, if it is, it's not intentional.

*LOL* Well, they don't have fingers to tell 'em to sit on that middle one of....

The hazards of a republic, yes...

Mwahahaha. No lawyers here. ;)

Miss "Zero" is NOT the right name for her. The little huddle a chapter (or was it two?) ago referred to her by a different name. Clockwork made a guess based on the symbol on her flank, am "O" with a slash through it... a number zero.

Zero does seem a bit overpowered... for the present company. It's a case of having a very specific skill-set that no one is equipped to combat... yet.

Yeah, come on, at least sweat a little!

It worked for me anyway.

And yeah, I like Verdigris too. She's become more important as I write, which is amusing to me. She was originally going to be a throw-away character...

Again, "Zero" isn't her name, the bad-guy meeting still have her correct name at present. ;) She is pretty strong... okay, VERY strong, but again, that is because of her specific powers. More things will be revealed over time. She's not so powerful as you think, she's just damned good against who she is fighting so far... Clockwork herself worried about ranged specialist fighting a teleporting melee specialist. Hard to keep a pony like that out of their range...

Civ games? Heh, I haven't played any of them since #1 honestly.

- Polecat
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SandBlaster3000Hobbyist Digital Artist
Chell as an evil albino pony. Wow. I totally didn't see that coming. Very enjoyable!
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TCPolecat7Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Technically I had the idea in mind long before Chell (Zilch is an old villain from my tabletop Champions RPG games), but yes, that's about how it works. Glad you enjoyed it. :)

- Polecat
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Now we're frighting with portals...

And good to see Filigree's family get a verbal beatown like they deserve, and that Verdegris might end up with a better family than them.
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TCPolecat7Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yup, Zilch was a little more than she seemed to be. ;)

And I thought so too, even if it doesn't seem like it'll change their minds much about it. I won't say anything more tho, Verdigris has her own path through Book 2, and I don't want to give anything away.

- Polecat
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Mm, I guess we'll see...
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Not enough Ninjas for the inverse ninja trope to go into effect at least :) Damn Ninjas worse than Mongorians (SouthPark Ref)
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The inverse ninja law only activates when you order ninja's to compact themselves into a rather confined area of space.

As such a ninja's mobility is hampered by having to be aware of every other single ninja on the field. It is basically a domino effect because every other ninja is doing the exact same thing, so their effectiveness is blunted severely.

If you have the same amount of ninja's but spread out over a wide area, then stuff like that doesn't happen.

Being too aware of your surroundings is an overload of stimilus, thus ruining the focus of every ninja nearby.

The biggest thing about the Inverse Ninja Law is that it is always in a state of decay. When the decay hits a critical point, then the ninja's get the Rising Retribution Law. (This is only if your going for realism, given the hero and possibly the team he has with him does not have nearly unlimited stamina in play.)

In conclusion if someone was ridiculously skilled it would actually be a good idea to throw that many ninja at them for the sole purpose that the guy doesn't train warriors as skilled as him at killing future ninja's.
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TCPolecat7Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aye, this is very true... but then again, she's more than JUST a ninja. ;)

- Polecat
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This was a triumph... I'm making a note here... huge success! ... anyway she has the power of Nico Robin(Or that villain The Spot from Spider-man, who does exactly what you described.)... but that's not really a point to make and I have yet to run out of cake... Dr. Burners got science to do and things are going to be misconstrued for the ponies that will arrive.

I'm a year older and none the wiser, but it doesn't mean I still don't have some insight on where the plot is going. (Still eating the sheet cake recieved from that venture at random.)

Last Thoughts: Do you ever wonder if Verdigris gets her intelligence from her estranged sister given she lives in a family full of blustering cowards? Assassins can strike anywhere and at any time, even when your on the toilet and that can be annoying as are beach ninja's that hide in the sand. I would know, beach ninja's ruined a vacation once and I'm a swimming pool ninja able to hide on the underside of pool toys to remain completely invisible in a are with little to no cover. Now is a time for me to play vague, as is the fart pun of this chapter having a very good meaning to the plot, such as when a brain exudes gas forgetting the important details. (A brain fart if you will can be quite deadly, though small details should go unnoticed unless one pays careful attention to the wording thus far.)

Also Minotaurs in a courtroom? I've heard of taking bulls by the horns, but that is ridiculous. It's like giving one a job in a china shop without very good insurance premiums.
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TCPolecat7Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I don't know much about Robin, but that's because I never got to see One Piece very far through. The crappy villain "Spot" was partial inspiration, but Zilch herself is inspired by some of my earliest work trying to do comics. She hasn't changed much tho. :D

And yep, Doc Burner is back. Had to get the final plot elements moving. I can't believe it took me THIS long to do it. >.<

No comments about Verdigris' intelligence. Sorry you had so much ninja trouble, but sometimes they're like weeds. They just seem EVERYWHERE. And yes, Minotaurs in the courtroom... they can be a little bullheaded about being told no.

- Polecat
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