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Fujiko by SigurdHosenfeld by tcorbett691
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Fujiko by SigurdHosenfeld :icontcorbett691:tcorbett691 21 4
Element System by tcorbett691 Element System :icontcorbett691:tcorbett691 4 13
The Shadow Warriors:Chapter 11
Chapter 11
“Terry, this has to be a trap,” Aurora said.
“I know,” I stated flatly.
“You are still going.”  That wasn’t exactly a question, but I answered anyway.
“Yes, I am.  For Fujiko, I would walk to Hell and back.  You don’t have to go.”
“Of course, I will go.  I want to save her, too.  But this is still a trap.”
We were in the hotel room preparing to go meet the kidnappers.  I had found the jewelry box Fujiko put the two Crystals in that we had recovered.  I couldn’t open it, but it would have to be good enough.
Aurora was dressed for battle in her red China dress, bandages, and…a Naruto Leaf Ninja headband?  “Aurora, where did you get that headband?”
“Yesterday, when I bought the sailor fuku.”
“…If Fujiko were here, she would say something about that.”
Aurora hugged me.  “Then, we ha
:icontcorbett691:tcorbett691 1 8
Profile: Aurora
Name: Aurora Lee
Age: 20
Occupation: Fashion Model, Costumed Vigilante
Favorite Anime: Naruto
Seiken: None
Element: Fire
Special Attacks: Too many to list, though usually she copies moves from “Leaf Taijutsu” and video games
Other Abilities: Intermediate Chi Control (Chi Mastery when first introduced), Mastery of several styles of Kung Fu, Shadow Step Mastery, Super Strength, limited (and uncontrollable) empathy, other latent psychic powers
As an orphan, she was raised in China by Shaolin Monks and trained in several styles of Kung Fu.  On her 18th birthday, she was sent to America to find out the truth about her parents and real family.  Instead, she discovered anime DVDs and Rock Lee from Naruto.  While seeking a way to pay for said DVDs, she was discovered by a talent agent and became a model.  At the same time, she became a champion of the people when she single-handedly stopped an armed bank robbery.  She was content enou
:icontcorbett691:tcorbett691 0 0
Profile: Fujiko
Name: Fujiko Kobayashi
Age: 23
Occupation: Assistant Museum Director, Aspiring Actress
Favorite Anime: InuYasha (it’s a secret)
Seiken: Hizashi
Hakkei Command: “Pierce the darkness, Hizashi!”
Hakkei Form: Yumi, or long bow
Element: Light
Special Attacks: Light Arrows, Purifying Arrows of Light
Other Abilities: Intermediate Ki Control, Shadow Step Novice
She never asked to live out an anime.  All she wanted was to be a famous actress and finally have a boyfriend that wouldn’t treat her like crap.  Fully aware of her heritage, she would have ignored it for the rest of her life if her Grandfather hadn’t been killed.  Now haunted by his death which she might have prevented if she had acted in time, she throws herself headfirst into danger to save the world.  She is the last of the Kobayashi Shadow Warriors, not counting Terry.
She hides her true feelings behind a mask of sarcasm and annoyance, only showing her softer side to
:icontcorbett691:tcorbett691 1 4
Profile: Terry
Name: Terry Corbett
Age: 23
Occupation: Grad School Student, Otaku
Favorite Anime: Too many to name, so let’s just say Bleach
Seiken: Rakurai
Hakkei Command: None.  His Seiken is always in its awakened form
Hakkei Form: An odachi, or really long katana
Element: Lightning
Special Attacks: Lightning Blade Slash, Thunderbolt Strike
Other Abilities: Intermediate Okinawan Karate, Intermediate Shadow Step, instinctive fighting skills (subconsciously from the spirit of Rakurai Kobayashi)
Formerly a short, overweight otaku, Terry is now a short, thin otaku.  Also, he’s apparently expected to save the world alongside his best friend, and now girlfriend, Fujiko Kobayashi.
His life changed completely the day that he picked up a random sword to protect the life of the girl he loves.  Since then, he has realized that that random act wasn’t as random as he thought.  One way or another, he was fated to become a Shadow Warrior.
Before all of this
:icontcorbett691:tcorbett691 0 0
The Shadow Warriors:Chapter 10
Author's Note: While this story is usually PG-13, this chapter is PG-13 because of mild sexual themes instead of language and violence like it usually is.
Chapter 10
What the Hell is this?!
Fujiko had just come out of the bathroom.  I was on top of Aurora in the bed.  My hands were on her breasts and she was blushing.  We both looked at Fujiko in horror.
“Fujiko!  It’s not what it looks like!”
(The following is an entry in the Secret Diary of Aurora Lee, translated from Chinese, and is told from her prospective.)
October 24th.
Today was the strangest day ever.  It started out good but ended in the worst way possible.  And it is all my fault!  Let me start from the beginning.
We had just arrived in the part of New York City that is known as Manhattan.  When we got off of the airplane, Big Brother started sing
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The Shadow Warriors: Chapter 9
Chapter 9
Two days later, we started the series of flights that would eventually take us to Peru.  Aurora footed the bill.  She insisted in paying for everything so that her money could be used for good.  First class, however, wasn't enough to help me get over flying for the first time.
“Quit being a baby!”  Fujiko wasn't being supportive.  “You've stared death in the face on multiple occasions without flinching.  So, what's the problem?”  Fujiko sat on my left at the window. Aurora sat on my right at the aisle.
“I can't kick a plane crash's ass.  That's the problem.”  I was already breathing heavy and the plane hadn't moved yet.
“Aren't you supposed to be a rocket scientist?”
“Rocket scientists make the rockets, not fly them.”  The engines started up and I began to panic even more.
“I do not understand,” Aurora said. 
:icontcorbett691:tcorbett691 0 2
The Shadow Warriors: Chapter 8
Chapter 8
After that beating, I was in no condition to travel.  The girls did what they could to help, but neither one was all that skilled at healing.  Even with my accelerated healing, I would need a few days rest to mend up.  Aurora insisted in paying for a hotel room for Fujiko and me.  She said that she wanted to make up for hurting me and that we deserved to have some privacy.  Also, she really wanted to send off her couch to be cleaned.  I didn’t know why.  So, we spent our nights at the hotel and our days with Aurora.
When we got to the hotel, we were quite surprised that Aurora had gotten us the honeymoon suite.  “Oh my god.” We both said when we opened the door.  There was a big, heart-shaped bed, a big screen TV, and a Jacuzzi.  I was still having trouble walking, so Fujiko helped me to the bed and sat next to me.
“Terry, we need to talk,” she s
:icontcorbett691:tcorbett691 0 0
The Shadow Warriors: Chapter 7
Chapter 7
“ you.”
I stood there badly injured as my lady love rushed off to certain doom without me.  Certain doom in the form of a large, angry, black dragon.
Fujiko knew that she couldn’t beat the dragon, but she was still going to try to keep it busy enough for me to escape with Aurora.  “Light Arrows!”  She fired off a volley of energy-charged arrows at the dragon.  The dragon roared in pain and turned to face her.  She was on the other side of the yard from the dragon standing as far from it as she could.  Her aura shined brightly with her power, but her strongest attack, the Purifying Arrows of Light, wouldn’t work on this thing.  It was pure evil.  Light Arrows, I assumed was the best thing she could come up with on the fly.
Fujiko fired more and more Light Arrows at the dragon.  They obviously hurt the dragon, but not enough to do m
:icontcorbett691:tcorbett691 0 2
The Shadow Warriors: Chapter 6
Chapter 6
There I was sitting in a now ruined mansion holding the limp form of my lady love, when she showed up.  She was light skinned, had long, black hair, and wore a red China dress.  She also had white bandages wrapped around both arms.  At the time, these details, and the fact that she was gorgeous, were lost on me.  Right then all that mattered was her offering to help Fujiko.
She knelt down next to us and placed a hand on Fujiko’s forehead.  Her hand began to glow.  “Hmm.  As best as I can tell, she is just exhausted.”
“Really?” I asked feeling relieved.  “Oh, thank God!”
“You, on the other hand, are badly wounded physically.”
“I’ll be fine.  Just help Fujiko.”
“As you wish.  I have stabilized her condition.  Now, she needs rest.”
“Thank you so much!”
“You…love her very much, do yo
:icontcorbett691:tcorbett691 0 2
The Shadow Warriors: Chapter 5
Chapter 5
Our search began at the museum.  Before she attempted to use the amulet, Fujiko suggested that we look for any clues that strange Japanese guy might have left.  The cops already had a week to search the place, but they wouldn’t have been looking for anything supernatural.
“Do you think your mom was bluffing about that book?” I asked.  I was transformed in case we had any unwelcomed visitors.
Fujiko was looking over the scene of the fight.  “I doubt it.  Which is why you’re not reading it.”
“Huh?  Why not?”
“Because if you read it, you’d think about her when you should be thinking about me.”
“Baby, I picked you, remember?  I chose love over lust.”
“I know.  But I’m going to make you forget about my mother one way or another.  I’ve got it!”
“Got what?”  Remembering the job
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The Shadow Warriors: Chapter 4
Chapter 4
The next week was very hectic.  We didn’t want to leave until the funeral, so that gave us a week to get everything ready.  When we went back to Fujiko’s parents’ house the next day to help plan the funeral, we decided to not tell them about us just yet.  That would wait till later.  At least, that was the plan.
While we were in the living room talking with Mr. Kobayashi, Mrs. Kobayashi looked at my strange and went into the kitchen.  After a few minutes, she came back.  “Terry, could I speak with you for a moment?”
Fujiko looked at me concerned.  I patted her hand reassuringly and went with Ava into the kitchen.
She looked at me with a mischievous smile.  “You fucked Fujiko, didn’t you?”
That threw me off completely.  “What?!”
“Don’t try to deny it.  I
:icontcorbett691:tcorbett691 0 9
The Shadow Warriors: Chapter 3
Chapter 3
We drove in silence.  Fujiko obviously had a lot on her mind, so I didn’t bother her.  So much had happened in one night.  And now, we were heading to see her parents.  The last time she spoke to them was graduation two years ago.  And before that, another two years when she and her mother had a falling out.  She never told me why and she wouldn’t talk to her dad about it.  She just moved out.
Their house was a nice, two-story house.  Fujiko’s old room was on the second floor, as was her parent’s room.  I probably spent more time in her room than any other guy.  I was the “safe” boy.  Mr. Kobayashi hated all of Fujiko’s boyfriends, but he tolerated me because I was just a friend.  Mrs. Kobayashi used to tease me about trying to work the “friend angle”.  She would jokingly accuse me of trying to peak at h
:icontcorbett691:tcorbett691 1 5
The Shadow Warriors: Chapter 2
Chapter 2
I was floating in darkness.  I couldn’t see or hear anything.  Well, this sucks.  Shouldn’t there be a light or something?  At least, Fujiko is okay.
“You’re not dead, idiot.”
What?  Who’s there?  Then, a hand grabbed me and pulled me out of…a river?  “What the hell?!”
“Like I said, you’re not dead.”  He dumped me on the bank of the river.  Then, I noticed that he was dressed in the same black kimono and hakama as I was wearing.  He was a Japanese man, but tall.  Taller than me, at least.  He looked familiar somehow.
Then, it hit me.  “You—you’re Rakurai Kobayashi, aren’t you?!”
“In a way.  I’m what’s left of him.”
“But I thought that all that was left of him was….”
“The sword.”
:icontcorbett691:tcorbett691 0 8
The Shadow Warriors: Chapter 1
Chapter 1
My name is Terry Corbett, and I’m a Japanaphile.
What’s a Japanaphile?  Someone who loves all things Japanese, of course.  And that’s a real word.  Completely not made up.
I think I was 10 when I realized that I loved Japan.  Martial arts, anime, video games, cars.  All of the best came from Japan.  Even my best friend was Japanese.  Fujiko Kobayashi.  She’s full-blooded Japanese, though she was born in America.  I’ve known her since Kindergarten, so her being Japanese was just an interesting coincidence.
Fujiko and I are complete opposites.  She embraces America almost as much as I embrace Japan.  She wants to be a famous artist and actress.  Me, I’m a math and science geek, so engineer is my best shot.  She watches dramas on cable.  I’m an otaku with more anime DVDS than any one person should ha
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Billy vs. SNAKEMAN: My Latest Obession

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 29, 2009, 11:48 PM



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Update Status
Slowly working on a rewrite.

Billy vs. SNAKEMAN is a free, online, anime-parody RPG that requires no downloads.  I had seen ads for it before, but back in May, I finally decided to click on an ad and see what it was all about.

This game, in it's own way, is amazing!  Being an anime-parody RPG, there's a lot of silliness.  For instance, most of the Allies you can run across have funny and/or ironic names.  For example, Emosuke is Sasuke from Naruto, Haus is a cross between Kabuto from Naruto and Dr. House from House (because Kabuto was a medical ninja), Right is Light from Death Note, and CiCi is C.C. from Code Geass (another pun because CiCi drops Pizza).  The main part of the game is basicly Naruto (ninja ranks and your Skills are Genjutsu, Ninjutsu, and Taijutsu), but there's areas of the game that are based on Bleach, Death Note, Code Geass, and .hack as well.  And the shot outs to other anime are too numerous to count.  One mission in particular that cracked me up when I saw it was "Fly a Giant Robot".  The description is "Stop your space colony from getting nuked!" and if you succeed, it actually says, "You jump in and instantly figure out how to fly the thing."  Should be pretty obvious to any mecha fan which anime that's talking about. :)

As for the game itself, it has some elements of an MMO, but most of the game is done on a single player basis.  You're the star of your own anime.  You start out as a Gennin ninja of little skill and one of your first tasks is finding a Village.  Most of the game is done with Missions and Quests, but as you progress along, you find so many other things.  Like Zombjas, a zombie survival game within the game.

The MMO elements come into play with your Village.  Through your Village, you can interact with the other people in your Village.  Also, you can attack other Villages to steal resources and money from them.  You can even track down and fight other players directly.  Or just write their name on a Note Page and hope for the best. :)

Now, the game is technically text-based.  But it's the most graphical text-based game I've ever seen.  There are graphics and pictures, but you don't see yourself moving around in a world like WoW or EverQuest.

My main character is HirumaTeri of Spartan Village.  He's largely based on the main character from my (yet unfinished) book.  His Reaper Sword is even named Rakurai.  Right now, I'm a Season 2 Level 66 Jonin.  I have achieved Bankai as a Reaper.  I have made The Trade in order to get my own Note, see people's life lines, and even mind control Village Leaders into lowering their defenses before I invade them.  I have been to the Eye of the Storm.  I've even Survived the Impossible.  And I barely missed out in getting the Power of Greass and my own Knightmare Frame (though my other characters have).

When I first started playing, I just randomly picked a Village.  It gave me Spartan.  If I knew then what I know now, I would have gone elsewhere.  Spartan was a fairly new village and hadn't even entered the War yet.  And nothing really seemed to get done.  But with my help, Spartan became a much more productive place.  Somehow or another, I was named as one of the Vice-Kage of the Village and ended up being the guy in charge of invading other villages.  We went from being a tiny village without much of anything to being a medium-sized Advanced Village.  We're no where near the strongest Village, but we've progressed a LOT since I joined.  And we keep growing and developing.

Anyway, long story short, you can find Billy vs. SNAKEMAN here.…

It really is a good game.  If you're a fan of anime and can at least tolerate Naruto (or better yet like to make fun of it since this IS a parody), give it a try.  Just let me know if you do and I can show you the ropes.

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