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MARVEL STUD10S: More Than A Studio

This is definitely the largest Photoshop file I've worked on for a submission. Currently sitting at 3.3GB. After what felt like 10 years using the selection tool, I've finally gotten it to a presentable state.

I'll probably come back and make some changes, but for now I'm going to give myself and my poor computer a break from this piece.
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did my own version based off your image I've added credit to you  MCU 10 Years by hemison
I want this photo bro
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its downloadable  MCU 10 Years by hemison
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Awesome! I had thought about doing a version with all the cast members in their costumes after completing this one, but didn't have the motivation at the time. Glad to see how it might have looked! :)
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Beautiful art! Could he make others like the one with the iron man flying to the center of the image?
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Thanks! I'm actually working on another poster, based on the one with Iron Man at the centre. Hopefully get it uploaded in the next few days :)
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You should do one with the casts of the Netflix shows and abc shows
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I'd actually considered adding Clark Gregg to this one, but decided that would be a slippery slope towards adding all the actors that couldn't make it for the original photo. I'm working on another anniversary poster at the minute and I think I might call it quits after that one. Starting to feel a little burnt out working on basically the same thing for so long. But I recently watched Agents of SHIELD season 4, so might try creating something related to that :)
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