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Thank you Guys for your support and Kind messages! I am Sorry not to be as available as I used to be!
Take care ^^
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Hi everyone!

I was quiet busy last year, I was in a sabbatical year travelling around Asia! This was very important to me and it was a fantastic experience unfortunately I kind of abandoned my DA I was not all the time connected! I had never been that far in my entire life! I was all dedicated to Art, drawing and trying to improve myself to be better at it!
Then I realized that something was missing! I have seen wonderful things, meet crazy people! Astonishing landscapes, which is now helping my imagination! 
I think this odyssey makes me a better person, we can't stay the same after living , sharing, eating from another cultures.

That's why I would like to THANK everyone for writing to me, for your support and friendship and patience ^___^.
I DO apologize for not being able to answer to everyone yet ! ( my mailbox is full ^^)

However I truly and deeply appreciate all your messages especially the ones for my birthday :D!
From now on, I will try to share as much as possible with everyone!

To talk about my common life, Since I have returned to France, I am working on the Wakfu OVA but most important on the first feature film of Ankama based on the universe of Dofus and Wakfu with my good friend XA!
It's AMAZING! I am really proud to be part of this! And i hope it will be released worldwide! But now we have got to finished it in order to share it next year :-)
Also, thank you to all the new people following me and those you are still standing me!

Now let's share some drawing!

Yeah baby ^^

(ps: i add one picture of me while i was in japan, to the tokyo game show 2013!) 

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Sorry my life change a lot those few days i was not a lot available! I am on a Year of break! YAY!!!
So thank you very much for all the kinds messages i have received for my birthday!!!!! Pretty amazing to get so much sympathy for people that you don`t have the chance to know yet!
SO THANKS!!!! i am an OLD man now AHAHAH!!!
By the way i am writting you from SHANGHAI!!!!!! My first trip in the Asian side :D i feel so little lol and impressed! So if someone what to meet, why not! ;)

Also, i just find out! Another thank you for my new Daily Deviant!It`s a nice gif to start my new life!!!!
Welcome alos to the new follower of my work!
Thank you fellows for your support :)

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So big suprise for me this early sunday morning :D
My eyes were still half openned  lol, so yes i am happy and thank you very much! big up to kasumichan2003 who suggest me!
This new DD happend 4 years later ah ah

As is said now i am back i will post more often!

Thanks you alll for your support and kind messages!

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"Even if being a deviant since a year ago, ~tchokun hasn't got as much attention as he deserves, something I want to solve with this DD feature. 'the Kimbo' is only one of the many wonders you can find at his gallery, so I'd love to lure you to take a look there and enjoy the fine art!

Suggested by =LeftyLike
Featured by ^skifi  "

Well, I hope this gonna work! It's the first time i've been writing a journal lol. I don't much know how to used all the option and possibilities on DA :D
Even when i joined DA about a year ago now, i am really on it since my first deviantion (seems i've becomed cleverer lol)

I am making this to thank everybody! Especially those who helped for this incredible day that's happenend yesterday!
Fisrt of all, i was suprise to noticed so many visite in no time, i was wondering why all yesterday! Finally, i found out thanks to friends and deviant members whom sent me such kind messages in private.
Has i said on "Kimbo" deviantion, this monster and illustration means a lot for me because it makes most of my wishes of this year come's true ^^

So thank to everyone, i am honored and hope you will still come and visite me XD

(I hope everyone understood me english ^^)

kim ^^
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