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Eff cursors

no animations!
+ and Eff mini Included
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Probably the best cursor set that exists. I have been using this I don't know how long for. Thank you!

I've been using them from 2015, thank u so much just love it

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If you find that the file keeps opening in notepad, first extract it, then right-click on the .inf file and click "install"
how do install the mouse pack the .inf opens in notepad
how do install .inf it keeps opening in notepad
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Good job dude!
scusate ma non funzionano
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I think this cursors look reallycool
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Best cursors ever. Great job!!!
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Жаль, что хотя бы курсор ожидания не анимирован.
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Есть вариации курсор с анимацией на этом сайте,
я давал разрешение на переделку и автор давал даже ссылку на них,
поищи по сайту.
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This is one cool cursor set, very nice work! :)
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Really like this design, very unique and aesthetically pleasing! :D
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Okay, here are the links:

+ 2014.05.25
Eff_by_Tchiro_DeviantArt_Remake_By_JpotatO_v0.2 (… )

/!\ No animated cursors for "Mini version" in the package v0.2 /!\

+ 2014.08.03
Eff_by_Tchiro_DeviantArt_Remake_By_JpotatO_v0.3 (WIP) (… )

I have not managed to do an animated preview, so I just added the text on the original preview ... ^ ^ "
The description is the "ReadMe" which is also in the archive.
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Wow, thank a lot !!
How did you do it anyway?
I would like to know the solution, I took several things but there are not many programs that suportent the animals. ...
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This programs "IcoFx" and  "Ulead GIF Animator" ;)
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okay, i test this :)
thank you again!
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They are really stylish these sliders!
but I think they lack something ... so I modified a little animating the first, second and fourth slider view (Arrow, AppStarting & Wait).
I also changed the very last of the list to make it more accurate (Cross).
I would send them to you so they are added to your gallery;)
I can also put them on my wall but I think it is more correct than you that you were loading ^ ^
I put it all on my mediafire during this time:…

Well I did it quickly, but I think a little better some sliders.
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