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Just a tree? by Tchiichobits Just a tree? :icontchiichobits:Tchiichobits 3 8 Little Angel by Tchiichobits Little Angel :icontchiichobits:Tchiichobits 2 9 TWLOHA by Tchiichobits TWLOHA :icontchiichobits:Tchiichobits 3 21 Thoughts and more... by Tchiichobits Thoughts and more... :icontchiichobits:Tchiichobits 3 12 Souji Seta... by Tchiichobits Souji Seta... :icontchiichobits:Tchiichobits 9 57 Desktop Lilinette special xD by Tchiichobits Desktop Lilinette special xD :icontchiichobits:Tchiichobits 7 33 Meteorstorm... by Tchiichobits Meteorstorm... :icontchiichobits:Tchiichobits 3 66
You know...
I’m at home, you know, a place where you feel well, a place which is yours, which shows your identity. I got a special box at home, you know, a box that I only open once a week. I should clean it a bit soon, because it starts to smell, but it’s not an ordinary box, like I said it’s special, one of those big ones you could put an elephant in. I sort of like that box, which has some patterns and symbols on it. It was already in the house when I moved here, but at that time it was empty. You know, girls like my kind personality and I often manage to take them home with me, at least only the cute ones. My friends often tell me that I’m an asshole and that I should change or else, one day, I would loose everything, but I’m like most people in this world and I nearly never follow the good advice of my friends, though I know I should. To come back to the girls, they sort of always tell me that they love me so much, but I can’t keep them all the time, because I al
:icontchiichobits:Tchiichobits 1 32
Hearty Chaos... by Tchiichobits Hearty Chaos... :icontchiichobits:Tchiichobits 3 29
The cat above...
Ein schwarzes dunkles Katzenhaar, schien in der Sonne doch so klar,
es stammt von einer Katze die einst war, zu Lebzeiten war sie ein Star.
Hühner mochte sie jedoch nicht gekocht, den sie schlief mit ihnen dort,
in diesem sagenumwobenen Ort, dem Hühnerstall den sie so mocht.
Oft lief sie fröhlich rundherum und dachte sich „ach sei es drum“
und wenn es doch dann machte „bumm“, stellte sich die Katze völlig dumm.
Ihre Augen waren bernsteinbraun und tief hinein musste man schauen,
um noch mehr Liebe aufzubauen und ihr noch viel mehr zu vertrauen.
Ihr fragt euch wohl was dann geschah, wieso ich sie nie wiedersah,
warum war sie wohl nicht mehr da, war das denn nicht sonnenklar?
Sie war weg, flog hoch hinauf und das Leben nahm seinen Lauf,
auf den Boden setzte man die Steine drauf, doch nachher passte niemand mehr auf.
Alles was uns da noch blieb, war der Satz „Ich hab dich lieb“,
der uns traf wie ein schwerer Hieb und uns die Tränen nah
:icontchiichobits:Tchiichobits 0 64
The thing... by Tchiichobits The thing... :icontchiichobits:Tchiichobits 3 60 Deep in your mind... by Tchiichobits Deep in your mind... :icontchiichobits:Tchiichobits 4 45
Every person has feelings, but not everyone knows that. It’s sad to hear, but there are so many people in this world, who aren’t fair, who don’t give a chance to others. I’m sure everybody who reads this understands what’s written here. School starts after a vacation and many people think “Yeah I will see my friends again” or “This is going to be so much fun”, but I have another opinion. Whatever most people think, for me you could say that school can be counted as horror. Not that you wouldn’t want to go there, but it’s simply the attitude and what others think about you, because most of them don’t know you or simply never speak to you. Some of you will now think “Oh, that’s impossible”, but if you think this you are wrong. The best example is when you have a class that isn’t very big and who will not even greet you after the holidays when you meet them again or who only say the necessary when they talk to
:icontchiichobits:Tchiichobits 2 53
Death The Aki by Tchiichobits Death The Aki :icontchiichobits:Tchiichobits 2 57 Starfish Lit Tag by Tchiichobits Starfish Lit Tag :icontchiichobits:Tchiichobits 9 23 Chobits...Sleeping Beauty... by Tchiichobits Chobits...Sleeping Beauty... :icontchiichobits:Tchiichobits 20 120


Eagle by ELITEzinho Eagle :iconelitezinho:ELITEzinho 13 7 Lullaby by knatroka Lullaby :iconknatroka:knatroka 458 44 Cute Mermaid by leon-heARTS Cute Mermaid :iconleon-hearts:leon-heARTS 3,175 352 Haunted of the whole world by Abbadon82 Haunted of the whole world :iconabbadon82:Abbadon82 1,752 163 Traitor 'Just The Word' by karencow Traitor 'Just The Word' :iconkarencow:karencow 2 4 Request: fusion girl by Yanagikou Request: fusion girl :iconyanagikou:Yanagikou 15 18
Bottle's Proposal
You are no longer loved by them.
no longer are you wanted here.
Come with me, my darling,
to a painless world void of fear.
Come. Come. Hurry now.
It's not like anyone will miss you.
Your solemn hardened pretty face,
or heart of despised virtues.
Why hold to this wretched world?
The one where you don't belong.
Abused, insulted, abandoned.
Does pain give you pleasure?
How sick. How wrong.
You loathe this existence,
struggling for each breath.
Every day a fight for reason,
or else to plummet to your death.
So come with me, sweet darling.
Accept my proposal, my love.
Pop off my lid and empty.
Seal our marriage in blood.
:iconsitara-amira:Sitara-Amira 6 16
Mature content
How I Miss :iconsitara-amira:Sitara-Amira 5 11
Tomorrow Never Knows by siLvErRYtHeM24 Tomorrow Never Knows :iconsilverrythem24:siLvErRYtHeM24 88 20 Strawberry Love by Honoke Strawberry Love :iconhonoke:Honoke 9 18
I Want You To Hold Me
I want you to hold me.
I want to laugh in your arms on a bright summer’s day.
I want to weep in your arms when skies are dark and grey.
I want you to whisper that it will all be okay.
I want you to hold me.
I want you to hold me.
I want your fingers to run through my hair.
I want you to caress my face like you really care.
I want the air I breathe with you to share.
I want you to hold me.
I want you to hold me.
I want us to clasp together our hands.
I want us to walk on the beach… toes in the sand.
I want us to venture the beauty of faraway lands.
I want you to hold me.
I want you to hold me.
You and me together… why should it be a dream?
It could be a reality… or so it would seem…
So why can’t you understand? Why can’t you see?
I just want you to hold me.
:iconsitara-amira:Sitara-Amira 2 10
Broken Heart on a String
For you I offered my heart on a string…
For you I sacrificed almost everything…
But in the end … I guess it didn’t even matter…
My heart now lies on the ground… in pieces… broken…spattered…
On the inside…I feel so empty… so cold… so confused…
At how such a delicate and virtuous thing could be refused…
How can you just stand there and watch me shatter… splinter …fall apart?…
Why? ... Oh why... did you reject my amorous heart?...
As you slowly walk away… I stand amazed… anguished… appalled…
I feel so stupid… so weak… so incredibly small…
Perhaps maybe someone… someday… will my heart gently hold…
But for now I must pick up these pieces… and begin to remold…
:iconsitara-amira:Sitara-Amira 2 6
This isn't a Game
Please darling, hurry…
this isn’t a game.
I’m drowning in my thoughts.
I'm going insane.
I’m kicking.
I’m clawing.
I’m struggling for air.
I can’t breathe anymore.
I’m utterly scared.
Please darling, hurry…
This isn’t a lie.
My vision is getting blurry.
I don’t want to die.
I numbly reach out.
I'm mouthing your name.
Please darling, hurry…
this isn’t a game.
:iconsitara-amira:Sitara-Amira 2 4
Lovers' Embrace
Lying in your arms, I feel at peace.
I am filled with tranquility and much relief.
You make me feel protected… assured… and safe.
How I adore the feeling of your sweet embrace.
My head on your chest, your fingers in my hair,
We don’t need to do much to show that we care.
As we listen to the tune of the dear nightingale,
We’ll create the end of our own fairytale.
Affection is shown until the night is gone,
How we regrettably separate at the lark’s bitter song.
But there is no need for tears, it's just a temporary goodbye,
For we’ll see each other again when the stars again fill the sky.
:iconsitara-amira:Sitara-Amira 1 7
Prayer of Light
All I wanted was your love.
The way you loved your drugs.
The way you loved your booze.
Through it all, I stayed by your side…
And put up with your abuse.
“Stupid” “Psycho” “Loser” “Crazy”
My being thrashed by things you would say…
My vision so pained and hazy
I continued to endure… I continued to stay…
I constantly hoped and prayed that you would see
the brilliant life, for you, that could be.
Success and promise beyond your dreams,
I wished that you could find those rays through me.
I wanted to rescue you from your world of filth…
but I couldn’t allow the death of my soul,
Now I am filled with an absurd sorrow and guilt,
thinking of destruction that lies ahead in your road.
I know you are out there somewhere,
Dying in a God-forsaken realm.
I often wonder with concern and care,
If you could be an angel,
Why reside within Satan’s helm?
All I wanted was your love…
But I guess it wasn’t meant to be.
I wa
:iconsitara-amira:Sitara-Amira 0 3
You promised me so much,
declaring how we would stay together,
vowing that we would defy the odds.
How blindly this lamb believed
the lion’s carnal words.
Your lies tearing me to shreds,
leaving me here to bleed,
leaving me here to die,
how I scream out your name,
the life slowly leaving my eyes.
Finding no shame in all you’ve done,
slaughtering my precious dreams,
defiling my innocent body,
feasting on my sacred love,
then wash of all crimson passions.
You whisper that you are sorry,
stone face showing no remorse.
I lay here shattered and dying,
shivering under your gelid stare,
I plead to understand...
:iconsitara-amira:Sitara-Amira 4 15
Things that are important to me...


I wish everyone on deviantart a Nice, Healthy, Funny, Epic and Happy New Year! <3

Ok..bit of texting can't harm, so yeah, as you may have realized, I'm still alive (shalala). I hope you are all alright, since I couldn't really check out everyone q-q.

I'm working now, so I only got time in the evening. Don't expect me to spend my whole evening here again, but expect me to be a bit more online here again. I really should have been and I'm sorry for missing out many things on here.

For looking at drawings or's nice to have accumulated over 1000 devs to look at, but how do you want me to manage that >-<...had to delete a good part, though I would've wanted to comment on many. Forgive me for that.

Well let's see who will comment on this, I'm really curious to find out. >->

So byebye and see you soon.
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  • Reading: lots of Mangas
  • Watching: Animes *.*
  • Playing: Tons of games...many XD
  • Eating: Strawberry Sundae...*__*...Dmc
  • Drinking: DA so many of them xD


Daniel, the lonely one...
I want to find a person only for me...

And for the rest? Simply ask me^^, I don't bite^^

Current Residence: Chobitsroad, way to Hideki!
Favourite genre of music: A bit of everything, depends on the song^^
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: A normal mp3 player that messes up everything xD
Shell of choice: The one of: Ghost in the Shell ^_^/
Wallpaper of choice: A cute kawaii Anime-girl Wallpaper ^^
Personal Quote: I want to find a person only for me...


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