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Ok guys. Finita la comedia. Starting today, my student loan pay-back starts. Last year, I had the innocent hope I would be hired for a long term contract into the animation field and be able to save enough money to start paying back that year. Sadly, my job prospection hasn’t been quite flourishing… I’ve only been hired for a short mission between march and may, which wouldn’t be enough as you may imagine. For now I have enough money for around 10 monthly payments (and that wouldn’t even cover a quarter of the loan, that basically stretches on 5 years, haha). Now, I don’t want to simply ask for money. I just couldn’t.

BUT, that said, while I’ll still prospect for a job, I’d like to start making sketches speed-commissions. Sketches-only for now*, because those are quicker for me to achieve. Also, still for now, I’ll only make busts and full bodies (still for time reasons). I’d take commissions five by five to avoid being flooded. So please, feel free to contact me through Deviant Art or Tumblr ( if you’re interested. That would be a tiny income, but better than nothing.

  • I can make: your OCs, avatars, fan-arts…
  • I won’t make: pornographic contents

The payment shall be made through Paypal only, and I would start to work after reception of that payment, after sending you a notice of receipt. In your message, don’t hesitate to tell me your character background and story! :)

*I’ll certainly add more commissions options over the time. I’ll keep you informed of it if this happens.

Thanks a lot for your attention. ;)

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I completely understand where you're at, Fanotak. I have to start paying mine back soon. It'll work out :)