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Vanity Redone

Seven Deadly Sins: Vanity Redone

took me around 4 and a half hours to make...cant tell you how many times i knocked the camera off just enough to have to reshoot the whole annoying...i was so close to just abandoning the idea

******i dont know why...but all of these Sins are showing up a lot darker than they really are...and its really annoying******

Pandora's Box
Gluttony 2
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Vanity the most dangerous of the sins, every sins has a general that represents it the general of vanity is the demon Lucifer itself, you want to become something more that what you are, so you concentrate in that wiouth thinking in the concequens of your acctions, in labor you want to be promoted, but you only do what you need to be promote wiouth caring or acctualy doing your job, or doing what your supirior wants, in love you only want the most beautiful wiouth thinking if you acctuali love the person or if this person love you, this is the most dangerous sin because this sins leaves to other sins, sometimes more than one, alwayes becareful
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:clap: that's a stunning picture, I really like it!! :squee:
CelticKawaii's avatar the pawns imagine themselves as the pieces they'd become, say if they could "queen", and one went as far as to think he'd be a king (which is impossible by chess rules). Very clever. :nod:
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i was checkin out the series and im curious as to where the original vanity is? was it just named something different or am i missing something? :hmm: there seem to be a total of 8 sins portrayed plus hope and the box...

this one's friggin awesome though - you can tell there was a lot of work put into it. well, the whole series really....
This one is awesome, I love it :)
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My absolute fave :love: But HOW did you actually this?
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its 4 different shot was of the king which was too tall and would block the mirror so i had to shoot that completely seperately, another shot is of the queen and rook which were set up where the pawns are so the reflection would match as to where they sat on the board...and the pawns, mirror, and board are the last photo...took me about 4 hours to make...i would knock the camera off just the slightest amount but it was more than enough to have to reshoot everything!
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That sounds very irritating. But luckily you seem to have the patience of a saint. The result was definitely worth it.
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