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another self-portrait

and does anyone see the pterodactyl in the photo? cause i suuuuure do haha
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The pterodactyl tho
Oh, and regarding my earlier comment, this one too! :) Please HMU! 
How would I be able to obtain permission to use this beautiful shot as a cover for my book?  Jim
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Amazing! This is gorgeous.
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Also, nice shot :D
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The catastrophe buried in the stair carpet stayed there and never corrupted anybody and one day he grew up, and the horizon stammered politely. The sky was like muslin and still in the old house no one ever answered the bell.
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Just thought you'd like to know...

I did a google image search on one of my images and found it had been used on quite a few blogs around the world.

One Russian blog did a feature on silhouettes and so after finding my image I did a google image search on the photo above mine and guess what? It was your image:

I have to give you every bit of credit in the world...this is truly stunning. Nature is the most stunning aspect of photography, not necessarily the photographer or the photo itself...but every once in a while, as you clearly display: the ability to capture nature's raw beauty...that is beyond stunning!

I am writing a novel and this picture would be the ultimate cover piece. I would love to speak with you about the possibility of utilizing your shot as the visual representation for my written work. There is PLENTY of time to talk about it, so please consider it at your convenience and we'll speak in the near future if you so desire!
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This is really-really good!
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Absolutely stunning!
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two words for this:

freaking. AMAZING.
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What a beautiful blend of colours and textures! Well done!
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did u put the pterodactyl bit in with special effects or something? i love the colours
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haha nope i didn't, didn't even notice it until i was done editing, and was like "huh...that looks like a pterodactyl..."
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nice. i've had a small obsession with dinosaurs since i was little.
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thats Really neat!
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awesome i made some to
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