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[patreon commission] Aspects - Adreea

Patreon Commission for March 2017! :la:
What an excellent idea. I love this idea. Too bad it's not mine. ._. But there is something nice for everyone in it. You can probably expect this to become a series.

In the meantime - enjoy! :dummy:

Hey, you! Like anthro amphibians and/or chinese crested dogs? Then why don't you

check out more pictures with Adreea (and Jinjing-Yu) over HERE? :la:

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Heart Shocked 
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that high resolution rendering though...  really love it! (kinda want to know if you share 3D models?)
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Thank you! :la:

And no, sorry, they're too precious to me to share and let the vile beast known as the internet handle them. ;-;
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A series.  Wow cant wait!  I love all the detail.
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Love those lovely webby extremities. Nice texturing and bumpmapping ;)
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This mawshot! I fall in love to this tonque. MOAR! :)
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Impressive texturing on the tongue - and that's some very nice subsurface scattering on the webbing, or is that all just coloring?
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It's all raytraced SSS! :dummy:
Thank you!
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...that must take a million years to render
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Not if you undersample it slightly, and have 8 cores at 4.3 gHz each. C:
Two of the shots (eye and mouth) took a little over two hours, and the other two took a surprising 41 minutes.
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sweet gaben that sounds beastly
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I love that hand, particularly.
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Well, I can't say you were far off; prehensile feet are pretty much hands anyway. :lol:
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Heh, true ;) the textures on these and the hands from the other picture are really very well done.
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Those textures are AMAZING. 
You got magic fingers, don'tcha?
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omg! absolutely amazing :heart: i love you art work 
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