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Land ahoy!

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Ahh, freedom and adventure. Probably the most important things to have in life. Other than health.
They keep you sane and full of will to live.
I only have one of these. The second happens very rarely. But it does happen.
And this thought makes me happy.

Love? Love is overrated. And prevents freedom.

Also, a gift for me mom, that.

This is one of my older ideas. It's been around on my Casio Super Systemizer for about five years.

Ugh! For the first time ever, I had to resort to matte painting something! :doh:
I always try to avoid that, since I find it to be a bit of a cheat, considering the piece was supposed to be 3D.
But alas - I had serious problems with RAM usage here (heavily tessellated water, 1500 trees - each around 1200 polys, detailed character with several 4k textures [true, I could downsize the textures, but... I don't know why I didn't do that]).

Anyway, fancy a guessing game? What was painted on? :eyes:
Hey, nobody won! The only thing that was painted on, was the hair! And even not entirely, since I had a geometric hair object rendered, and just painted on it to make it look like actual hair. :aww:
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Please submit 4K Res to; :icon4khaven:

Much Appreciated. Thanks You!
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Oh, sorry, but that won't be possible.
Like I said in the description, I couldn't render it at a higher res, so this is as high as it gets. ^^;
But I appreciate your interest, thank you. :la:

Also, excuse my late reply. :paranoid:
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No worries, dude. :hug:
If you ever do, your always welcome to shocase your 4K at :icon4khaven: :D

Peace! :peace:
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It looks awesome!!! Love the colours and the feel! the light is really emotive :) Lovely style :D
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No, wait, it's just two months.

Anyway, THANKS! :dummy: Though I keep feeling as if something is missing in this piece, I JUST HAVE NO IDEA WHAT AND WHY. :iconstaresplz:
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pleasure :) Mmmmmmm... the thing that is missing iiiiiissss.... well.. its difficult to say :P but maybe some DOF would help give it an extra dimension :D
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Hello, I am super-late again. How is being elderly treating you? :la:

While some DOF might be nice, I think it would destroy the sense of this piece, as both the girl and the island are important, and shouldn't be blurred out.
I was thinking about maybe some more objects, but that would ruin the composition. Not to mention, I wouldn't know WHAT to add here. :XD:

Yeah, Imma just leave it as it is anyway, SO THAT IT IS A REMINDER OF HOW OFTEN I MAKE THINGS WRONG. :lol:
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sup :) Im super late too XD Well... being elderly is odd, I'm iven in an 8-5 job now ^_^

All those are very valid points and I concure :D

Hahaha! As all artists do XD
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Już mówiłam, że kocham u Ciebie takie prace jak z książki lub bajki? :iconblueheartplz:
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Wydaje mi się, że tak. Albo coś w tym rodzaju. :paranoid:

Tak czy inaczej, bardzo się cieszę, że Ci się podobają! :la:
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Is this a painting? Or is this some 3d thing? Awesome pic!! :D
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Haha, it's a 3d thing. :dummy:

Thanks! :la:
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lol you must have a Nasa computer, and no prob! =P
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Why thank you kindly! :iconisaylaplz:
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WOW... stary, chylę czoła. Twój sprzęt musi być nieziemski by to udźwignąć. Wygląda jak namalowane. Co do zgadywanki powiedziałbym albo balia albo dziewoja w balii.
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Haha, dzięki wielkie! :iconlawooplz:

A jedyna nieziemska rzecz w moim sprzęcie to procesor - sześciordzeniowy AMD Phenom II. RAMu mi brakuuuuujeeeee!!! :crying:
4gb to za mało na takie sceny. Musiałem renderować w dwóch passach. :lol:

A co do zgadywanki, to pudło & pudło! :trollface:

Za chwilę zmienię opis i wyjawię co domalowałem. :aww:
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Hmmm... w pewnym sensie odgadłem:) (mówiłem że dziewoja-dziewczyna), chyba że włosy są ex-terytorialne i nosi peryukę...
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No, prrrraaawie. :XD:
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Fantastic digital art!
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Oooh, dat lighting. :la: The water looks great, though if I were to guess, I'd say that maybe the foam/wave crests were matte painted? They look a little odd (kinda like spots or static), but I don't know enough about 3D modeling to know if that's a possible effect of the modeling or not. :paranoid:
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