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Another portrait of a young lass

Just in case: this is not TF art. There.

If Jinjing-Yu can be pretend to be classy, then why not Adreea? :la:
At least with her smile you don't have to worry about what's in her head. :XD:

Hey, you! Like anthro amphibians and/or chinese crested dogs? Then why don't you

check out more pictures with Adreea (and Jinjing-Yu) over HERE? :la:

You're seeing this because *Sye216 is awesomer than I am; she just went ahead and came up with this idea for a companion piece to THIS ONE.
Just look at how well they go together! :la:

Also a gift for me dad, because Father's Day all of a sudden.
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This girl is so deeply beautiful and full of life and light...

Thank you.

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Awe! She's positively enchanting!
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These are so cool! QuQ
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Love her webbed hands. Very nice character incredibly well done ;)
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Waaaa, thank you very much! :la:
I'm constantly trying to make more pieces with her! :D
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STUNNING, may I ask what Program you are using.
I am using DS and Poser Por 2014 but I think you must be using something more powerful.
Do yu model those fantastic characters yourself?

Just Wonderful.
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Oh, yeah, I'm using things that give me complete freedom (3ds Max, ZBrush, and Photoshop), and indeed make all my characters (or any object, really) from scratch! :la:

So I'm super glad you like my work, thank you! :dummy:
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I do love your work soooo much.
I wish I had you talent and could model my own characters. sighh

Fantastic work, really great.
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Have you ever tried making your own characters? Because if you haven't, then you can't envy me anything! :XD:

Thank you again! :D
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I would not even know where to start, not sure I have the money for the programs needed....
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You don't need money to start! First, 3ds Max is available with a student license - it's free, and has no limits, except for the time you can use it for (2 or 3 years, which is enough to learn the basics, and some more perhaps). I'm guessing Maya has that too, but I can't be sure.

Then, there is Blender, which is entirely free and open-source. It's used for the same things as Max and Maya. But personally I don't like its UI... :paranoid:
Also check out Sculptris for some mega-intuitive digital sculpting fun!

Did I mention it's free? Sculptris is free. C:
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Oh that is cool, I look in to it.
Since I am no student I do not think I would qualify for a student liscence.

Sculptirs looks good to me.

I go and check those out.
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As far as I know, you don't need to be an actual student! It's only called like that because it's supposed to let you learn the software. I THINK. You'd have to look into it; it's worth it.

Either way, glad to have been potentially helpful. :XD:
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She has such a sweet, innocent face, a little glow of adorable <3 And I love the light reflections off her hand! I think I looked at that part the longest. Great work!
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Aww, thank you! :dummy:
And you were supposed to look at her face, you know, because it's a portrait. :XD:

But I'm glad you liked it! :la:
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Ahhh, composition. :la: Wonderfully diagonal. My eyes flow right from the top-left corner down to the bottom-right. Be-a-utiful. And of course, the colors of this one match wonderfully with the portrait of Jinjing-Yu. The browns and greens match each other so well that they almost would look better together as a single piece. :paranoid: Especially with the matching compositions too.

Looks great on its own, though. :meow: The lighting especially. (Obligatory lighting comment! :dummy:
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Wheee, thanks! :la:
Yeah, I thought making the background brown here would make it a perfect companion for Jinjing-Yu's portrait, JUST because the colors are interchanged! :dummy:
And YES - hence the bonus double version.
Cause I thought so too, but it would be silly to submit ANOTHER thing related to this to my main gallery. :XD:

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So awesome. I love all these little windows into their character. Very nicely done :D
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