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T.Catt FAQ

Do you take commissions/requests?
Unfortunately, no. I'm a professional illustrator and I don't have the time. Also, being T.Catt is what I do for fun, and taking commissions turns it into work. Bleh. Occasionally, I take on special commissions in exchange for things like Premium dA membership and contest prizes on my dA groups, but those are rare. I also take spot-commissions at convention appearances, but those appearances are made in my real-life identity, so you sort of have to know who I am in order to secure one of those. I am usually available for commercial illustration projects (usually in the RPG industry), so feel free to contact me about that. Otherwise, sorry!

Why don't you have a Patreon page?
Mostly for the same reason as above. While I love the idea of drawing what I want and getting paid for it, Patreon artists take on a certain level of responsibility to their patrons... People who donate money in exchange for art expect art. Again, that turns this hobby into a job, which sucks all the fun out of it. When I draw, I want it to be because I'm inspired to do so, not because of some sort of obligation to paying customers.

Who are you?
Sorry, but I maintain a secret identity for a reason. My online persona is an homage to Bill The Cat from Bloom County, who sometimes went by the name "Bill T. Catt" when out in the world. Please note that I don't care to be addressed as "T.C." I have personal reasons for this, so please don't do it. If you must refer to me by something other than "T.Catt", I recommend, "His Majesty, Lord of the Litterbox, Master of All He Downloads."

Is your original art for sale?
Yes. Send me a private message or email inquiring about the piece you're interested in and I'll check on availability and price. I've been doing this a long time, so a lot of my work has sold over the years, however, a lot of it is still around.

How can I be awesome like you?
Step one: genetics. Step two: spend the majority of your childhood drawing instead of going outside, playing with friends or having anything resembling a social life. Step 3: Earn a Bachelor's degree in Fine Art from an art school or major university. Step 4: Draw. A lot.

What happened to CattHouse Studios?
My partnership with Miravi, Oni, Creecher, Roadkill, and Mac ended several years ago with the simultaneous retirement of Miravi, Roadkill, and Mac from the erotic art community and CattHouse in particular. Creecher had "unofficially" retired some years before that. This left only myself and Oni as the last remaining members and since two people does not a studio make, we chose to close CattHouse for good. The website remained up until it simply failed one day, possibly shut down by the site host for lack of payment (no one had paid the bill in years). I maintain ownership of the URL, just in case, but at this time, there are no plans to restart the studio.

What happened to your website, "ACK! The T.Catt Homepage?"
In 2016, the site host,, permanently shut down, cancelling all user accounts and deleting all server content. Given that I haven't been able to update my site since 2011, I decided not to pursue a new site host. With the rise of art-based social media sites, such as deviantART and Hentai Foundry, the need for a personal website to connect to fans has passed, anyway. This page is now the official home of T.Catt on the internet.


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Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
T.Catt wandered onto the internet sometime around 1996 and discovered a Usenet Newsgroup (who remembers those?) called "" There he found a ton of fun amateur "comerotica," ranging from awful to pretty darned good. "Well, I can do that," he thought to himself. And so, T.Catt was born. Two decades after his first post featuring a lesbian orgy of X-Men, T.Catt has become something of a legend (in his own mind) and, at least, somewhat well known (everywhere else). Although he doesn't have the opportunity to post new art as much as he used to, he still clings to the vestiges of the dying Comerotica community, refusing to submit to internet ennui. What new work he does post can be found here and on his Hentai Foundry page.

Current Residence: The Deep South
Favourite genre of music: Classic Rock
Favourite style of art: Neo-Classicism, Art-Nouveau, modern fantasy/comic book illustration
Operating System: Mac OS X
MP3 player of choice: iPod (duh)
Favourite cartoon character: Bill the Cat
Personal Quote: "ACK! ACK! PTThhbbbt!"
Great news!  I have just uploaded the last remaining outstanding drawing to Hentai Foundry, meaning that, at long last, my entire body of work is once again available for fans.  If you're over 18 and enjoy explicit Rule 34 "comerotica," then hop on over to Hentai Foundry and check out my gallery.  I'm sure you'll find some favorites there, both old and new.  Also, I've deleted all non-explicit, dA-compatible work from there, so there shouldn't be any real overlap with my galleries here, save for a few pieces that are censored here, but uncensored there.  Unfortunately, dA won't allow me to post links to porn sites, so just go to HF and search for me.  Hopefully, that should lead you to my page.

I want to take this opportunity to thank my fans for over 20 years of constant support.  Whether you just discovered me recently or have been following me since the Clinton administration, you folks are the reason I've continued to do this after all this time.  I know I rarely get to post anything new these days, but when I do, it's usually because of your continued encouragement and praise.  So, thanks for sticking with me.  I hope that I can continue to entertain with my naughty drawings for years to come!




I have finished my 2018 USAww pic!  Yay!  Unfortunately, this will likely be the lest of these I'm ever going to do, or at the very least, the last one I feel obligated to do.  From now on, I'll only do a 4th of July pic if the mood strikes and time permits.  Getting this one done was a real bitch.
My 2018 4th of July Wonder Woman pic is still on my board.  Recent family drama and health issues have forced its continued delay.  Hopefully, I can get back to it soon.  Thanks for your patience.
Some shitheel took exception to me having a drawing of X-23 on here.  He ranted about her eye color, told me to go fuck myself for posting a "lewd picture of her," and then, apparently, reported the pic to dA.  They asked me to "review the rules regarding sexual material" and invited me to "take appropriate action myself."  I've taken the hint and will upload it to HF instead.

Get To Know Me!

Wanna see more? You can find me in various places around the 'Net, including:
Twitter: @TheRealTCatt!/TheRealTCatt
Hentai Foundry: (dA blocks links to this site so please direct your browsers to
Rule34: (dA blocks links to this site, so please direct your browser to (note that many of the pics on this site have been altered and/or colored without permission)

And, I can be contacted by email at: / I hope to see you around!


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Been a fan of your work for awhile. glad to see ya on Deviant. Cant wait to see more!
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S'up Catt? Nice to see you around.
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Thanks for the favorite! I'm honored Shooting Star is your first fave.
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Dude, I really LOVE your work! :worship:
Would be nice to see some here at DA :)
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Hi!!! Welcome to :devart:! I hope that you are able to post some of your "cleaner" here. It would be great to see.
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