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My Bio
T.Catt wandered onto the internet sometime around 1996 and discovered a Usenet Newsgroup (who remembers those?) called "" There he found a ton of fun amateur "comerotica," ranging from awful to pretty darned good. "Well, I can do that," he thought to himself. And so, T.Catt was born. Two decades after his first post featuring a lesbian orgy of X-Men, T.Catt has become something of a legend (in his own mind) and, at least, somewhat well known (everywhere else). Although he doesn't have the opportunity to post new art as much as he used to, he still clings to the vestiges of the dying Comerotica community, refusing to submit to internet ennui. What new work he does post can be found here and on his Hentai Foundry page.

Current Residence: The Deep South
Favourite genre of music: Classic Rock
Favourite style of art: Neo-Classicism, Art-Nouveau, modern fantasy/comic book illustration
Operating System: Mac OS X
MP3 player of choice: iPod (duh)
Favourite cartoon character: Bill the Cat
Personal Quote: "ACK! ACK! PTThhbbbt!"

Favourite Visual Artist
Too many to list. Adam Hughes comes to mind, as does Drew Struzan and Alphonse Mucha.
Favourite Movies
Star Wars, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Alien, Raiders of the Lost Ark. And porn.
Favourite TV Shows
Star Trek TNG, Star Wars The Clone Wars, Avatar The Last Airbender, Firefly
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Classic rock
Favourite Books
Favourite Writers
Peter David, Brian Michael Bendis, Anne McCaffery
Favourite Games
Torg Eternity, Pathfinder RPG, D&D 5E, Cards Against Humanity, Rock Band 4
Tools of the Trade
Derwent Studio colored pencils, Copic markers, and Photoshop.
Other Interests
Women, comics, women, movies, roleplaying games, women, art, and women. And porn.

Sisters of Rapture 5E Update (7/3/20)

Sisters of Rapture 5E Update (7/3/20)

I have started the final interior piece for the Sisters of Rapture 5th Edition book (meaning I've completed the sketch and will be starting final colors soon). Once it's done and in place, the book's interior layout will be complete, with only the cover and cover art left to do. Chances are I'll end up doing the cover myself, but since I did all the interior art, I'm considering finding someone else to provide the cover, just for a bit of stylistic variety. I haven't decided yet, nor do I have any candidates in mind at this time. Either way, I anticipate a release for both PDF and POD on DriveThruRPG later this year. Shouldn't be long now. Thank you for your patience. -T.Catt
Does anyone know how to turn off the metadata display for the art? I find it distracting and, honestly, nobody needs to know what model scanner I own. I contacted deviantART about it, but, SURPRISE! they didn't respond.
I'm getting used to Eclipse. I still think it's inefficient as Hell, but at least I've figured out where all the basic functions are hiding.

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ChrisLoganHanssenHobbyist Traditional Artist

Hell there T-Catt. I just want to ask how I did with these 2 pictures I inked and colored from your art. Here they are:

What do you think??? Please let me know what you think. Thank you.

TCattProfessional Traditional Artist

Looks pretty good. Thanks for giving me proper credit.

Loganzilla97Professional Writer
Oh my god I just found your DA page! Your Cortana art was some of the very first lewd art I ever saw and to this day it's STILL my all time favorite Cortana art EVER!
TCattProfessional Traditional Artist

Thank you! Unfortunately, I've never drawn Cortana. In fact, I'm not even sure who Cortana is. You may be confusing me with another artist.

Thank you for sharing. I have been taking a leisurely stroll through your galleries and have enjoyed looking at the progression of your art from the early days to current times. I know a lot of commercial artists end up quit drawing anything that doesn't pay...because it's like working. (Kind of blows a hole in the theory 'do something you love and you will never work a day in your life'.) So, I am glad you are able to make a living as a commercial artist, but still continue to draw for entertainment purposes. I also appreciate the fact that you have adapted to DA's rules and simply created alternate viewing places for different levels of art. I don't really always get the apparent arbitrary enforcement of their policies. And I don't really know how much of it is trying not to get sued into the dark ages (my [very incomplete] understanding is fundamentalist groups tried to get them shut down as purveyors of illicit port) and how much of it is a mod with a stick in an otherwise uncomfortable place. And, apparently, it is damn near impossible to have a civil conversation with one of them. A lot of artists have simply bailed because of that. I am very grateful you have stuck it out. (And...I appreciate those, ahem, other galleries as well.) Lastly, I appreciate your homage to a lot of very vintage characters. Early Jean Grey. Pink Psylocke. The Star-Spangled Kid. And many others. I get that some were by commission. But still. Finding art for some of those characters is a huge challenge.
The Most Interesting Man In The World would say "stay thirsty my friends," but I say, "keep drawing my friend."
Again...thanks for sharing. 
TCattProfessional Traditional Artist
Thanks so much for the kind words.  It's comments like this that keep me doing what I do after all these years.  Well, that and undying perversion.  ;-)  dA's rules regarding sexual content are pretty firmly based in the quest for legitimacy.  dA has something of a reputation as being a cartoon porn site, something they really struggle to overcome.  While the need for artistic freedom and "legitimate" art's relationship with the nude prevents them from straight up banning nudity (like, say, Pinterest), they can draw the line on stuff that is more well defined as "pornographic."  What it really boils down to, though is the old adage about not being able to define "porn," but knowing it when you see it.  So the rules do their best to draw the line between "erotic art" and "porn," but ultimately, it's up to the site admins' discretion as to what violates and what doesn't.  For instance, I ran afoul of an admin who has a real hate for Kim Possible erotica and will target ANYTHING that depicts that character in any light he deems inappropriate as falling under the "no child porn" rule.  He argues that Kim is a minor in the show, therefore, all depictions of her must also be a depiction of a minor (which is, of course, absurd as even in the context of the show, as the series ended with her graduation and many kids, myself included, turn 18 during their senior year).  The fact is, this is one guy who uses his power to get rid of something he finds offensive.  And that's the nature of it.  There's nothing that can be done about it except shrug and use a different service.  I chose deviantART over Hentai Foundry for one simple reason: groups.  HF has better artists on it BY FAR.  The work I see posted to that site is usually pretty phenomenal, while dA mostly provides a steady stream of amateur crap.  But HF also emphasized explicit art...  Really, really explicit art, and my stuff, which is, like, 90% pinup art, seems a little tame there.  So while I'd prefer to have everything in one place, I actually prefer dA.  Hentai Foundry needs an overhaul.  Anyway, thanks for the comment!
Yeah...DA used to be a pretty good site use the nicer word. Then they tried to 'clean' up their act. Which, I guess is fine. Nothing wrong with trying to be a bit more mainstream, get more users and make more advertising dollars. But...if you want to be more mainstream...maybe you shouldn't call yourself "DEVIANT" Art! My daughter had an account when she was 16, and I can't tell you the number of raised eyebrows she got from family when she told them! 

In any event, I appreciate your very adult response to the shift. Not everybody was as flexible.

May your professional ventures keep your pockets full and may your private ventures keep your heart full!