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#1. Post these rules.
#2. Post 8 random facts about your character.
#3. Tag 8 other creators.
#4. Post their OCs name along with their creator's name/avatar.

Tagged by :iconqueenmoreta: she tagged my character Xeno.
Feel free to tag yourself if you want to go into some history on your characters. XP I'm not very good about these.



1. Xeno the Warrior, like his five brothers and sister, originally started in a different time as two different beings - A calculated merging of an android and an A.I.. Though it is irrelevant to his present time the resulting Guardians (More technically and scientifically called Hybrids or "Chimeras") are viewed as the Gods of Old in an area now called Parthenia: what once was modern day Egypt.

2. Originally the seven Scions had little personality to distinguish each from the other when they were found by a group of children from a wandering tribe. They were blank slates that eventually learned to be their own persons. Xeno was the first to discover his personality and began questioning what he believed was inhumane treatment of their population, arguing that the slaves (which he oversaw) were humans just like the free people of their city. For this illogical way of thinking and the inability to drop the subject, the other six eventually turned on him, deemed him corrupted and tried to arrest him. It ended poorly. Bast the Huntress, Thoth the Scribe, and Khnum the Bard were killed, their "souls" devoured by Xeno, which broke his mind. Unable to be captured, Xeno fled and was banished from Parthenia. His name was stripped from record by the remaining gods (Horus the Sage, Anubis the Illusionist, and Set the Alchemist) and the worship of his religion banned. Small pockets of people still continued in secret.

3. Fleeing across the ocean, he gathered followers along the way, promising them paradise if they followed him and gathered more souls of other Guardians across the continent, taking many of their "powers" in turn: like a chameleon ability to blend into his surroundings. This overload of data further warped his mind and body, turning him into a larger, more powerful version of himself (see above). In reality, he would send his followers to die in battles for hope of winning back his titles as a god and his seat beside the remaining three Scions. Those that refuse to follow him were outright murdered.

4. Centuries later after trying to invade the desert oasis town called New Hope, and killing the leader of the Boar Tribe, Xeno is severely wounded, his followers nearly all killed or retreated and Xeno flees to hide in the ruins of Tenosh, where he is intercepted and captured by the Guardians of New Hope and the remaining three Scions of Parthenia. Through much work and experimentation the souls (IE: data) from the dead Guardians are pulled from Xeno's mind and he reverts back to a powerless and weakened state of his original form. He is then imprisoned in the dungeons below the Temple of Flame where he is expected to remain for the rest of time.

5. Over time, a wife of Anubis (a fellow worshiper and former slave) secretly comes to him during the weeks that follow, claiming he has so much more to give to their city. Offended by her charity, Xeno constantly turns her kindness away and does everything in his power to insult her and treat her poorly. She persists, however, and over time Xeno comes to find her company a welcome treat from the dreary monotony of his cell. They become allies and even friends. Four years later, with help and secrecy, a humbled and weakened Xeno escapes from the city and flees north to Terra, a city that built its foundations soon after Xeno's banishment from the Parthean religion. They base their worship on the uncorrupted Xeno and welcome him with open arms and nurse him back to health.

6. Now with a clear head, Xeno begins to rebuild his life: falling in love with the city's queen and leader, eventually siring a child with her, and leading his city like the Guardian/god he believes he was meant to be. After his fall from grace, Xeno believed he was cast from favour from the Sky (their prime creator) and the Holy Anarchos (the chosen Stars that fell to earth to become the Scions. [Religions are weird, yo]). He spends his days believing the people of Terra put their faith in a fallen god, but after an uprising of heretics who try to murder his wife and child, Xeno's rage reignites and his body reverts back to a version of his "corrupted" form - with his mind still intact this time.

7. Having his form changed, Xeno believes this is a "sign" the Sky had forgiven him and it was a higher form he was originally meant to take. Naturally, word has spread like wildfire across the globe to Parthenia that Xeno is alive and thriving. The remaining three Scions debate going to war, there's even an altercation between Xeno and a former cult member. After much debate and hot tempers, both sides agree Xeno will stay banished from Parthenia and never leave Terra again. An offer he gladly takes if it means not going to war.

8. He retires from the public eye to raise his daughter and grandchildren. Generations later, Xeno vanishes, acting as a guide to the kings and queens of his kingdom, the rest of his people believe him dead. How he finally "dies" isn't written in stone just yet. (Kind of leaning toward saving both Parthenia and Terra against an outside force).

BONUS FACT: Xeno likes to sculpt architecture with his magic (He built the palace in Parthenia) and dig. Since his element is Earth, Terra's underground cavern system is humongous.
Hey gang, just in case anyone isn’t really in the know, I draw a Megaman X based webcomic/Ask blog with some of my Reploid characters. It just got an update so check it out sometime.

I don’t have a steady update schedule though I’m going to try an update a month and it’s not really in style with your typical dramatic webcomic stuff. It’s my first solo comic/writing project, kind of something I do on the side to get an idea or two out of my head and onto paper. Feel free to let me know what you think!
Is there? I can leave for weeks at a time and come back to maybe two or three submissions and *maybe* one favourite on my gallery. I'm starting to wonder if people have moved on to other art sites or just with life. Deviantart sure doesn't feel like the community it used to be when I joined twelve years ago.

I've been kind of busy FINALLY working on a project I've had on the backburner for four or five years now, so that's been pulling my attention away from my normal writing/scribbling. And commissions have been slow to non-existent the last two months.

Ah well. Just curious.

And if anyone's curious, too, my works are continuing on my Tumblrs when I'm not around here:…